Fast Fantasy: Cock Sucking

May 7, 2009

“Send me a one-paragraph fantasy,” He writes. “Do it now.”

“Yes, Sir.”

i’m thinking about sucking Your cock in front of a big crowd of people. One hand tugging on Your balls, the other on Your shaft, as my mouth moves up and down and my tongue licks Your head. i know there are people around, and it arouses me, but at the same time i’m trying to be utterly focused on what i’m doing, on You and Your reactions to what i’m doing. i taste the difference in Your secretions, and i know You’re going to come, so i grip my hand harder around the base of Your cock and then i feel Your come pulsing past my hand even before it hits the back of my throat. i pull off a little bit to swallow so i don’t gag, but i don’t take my mouth or hands off Your cock so that i can feel all Your delicious aftershocks.

One comment

  1. Very nice paragraph there.

    Btw, I just featured an older post of yours. I hope you like it.

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