On the floor of the dungeon, surrounded by eager Doms

April 2, 2009

Sounds like a great scene in the making, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, i was surrounded by Doms looking to help me out after i twisted my ankle, not ready to ravish my body. (Although i suppose if i’d asked nicely…)

It was sad, really. The dungeon had just opened on Saturday night. My Master had gone in ahead of me, but as i was walking in i noticed that the doors hadn’t been latched, so i took a moment to fasten both into their eye hooks so it would be easier for people to move in and out. This is the sort of little helpful act that i enjoy – it was a small thing, but a good one, and i went into the dungeon feeling really happy to have done it.

i looked around the room to find my Master, and seeing Him a huge smile lit up my face. i’d not been feeling well, and had spent much of the afternoon having a pity party for myself, but i’d finally straightened up and set out to have the best night i was capable of having. So i strode confidently and happily over to my Master, knowing we were going to finish the scene we’d aborted that afternoon.

And the next thing i knew, i was on the floor, and my ankle hurt rather a lot. Eyes up, looking straight at my Master, i’d completely not seen the piece of dungeon furniture between the two of us. It was in a shady spot of the dungeon, low to the ground, and made of thin black metal, so i had a decent excuse for not seeing it. But that was small comfort lying in a heap on the floor, with one of my shoes still tangled up in the furniture in question.

My Master checked on me, then went off to find some ice, and a Dungeon Monitor came over and called for more ice. Master came back with a little cup for me, and soon after a nice big ice bag came. The previously mentioned collection of Doms came over to see if they could assist, offering to strap me to one of wheeled pieces of dungeon furniture to help me move if need be. 🙂

i was kind of in the middle of the space, so as soon as i could i got up and moved over to a more out of the way place, taking a few tentative steps on my ankle. As i’d hoped, it was just a minor twist – tender, but not painful, and after i’d iced it for a while my Master and i were able to get on with the scene we had planned.

But it was one more thing in a series of ways in which the weekend didn’t go just as i’d laid it out in my head. This was very much a weekend of the entire universe reinforcing the message my Master has tried to teach me time and time again. Which is to let go, and particularly to let go of expectations and just take things as they come.

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