Ever higher

April 2, 2009


One of the things we realized through in the class on “ramping” is that my Master likes to be really in touch and connected to me when He is topping me in impact play. And while we have a few toys that are good for close-in work, in order to ramp the intensity of our play with our limited toy collection, He usually has to move up to toys that move Him farther away from me, which then isn’t as satisfying for Him.

Armed with this knowledge and other things we learned in the class, we headed off to the vendor’s area to see what new toys we could acquire. Since we’re long distance, our other toy requirement is that they be small enough to fit in a rollerboard suitcase. We were successful in finding a few new things to add to our toy bag, including a paddle and a bundle of canes bound on a single handle.

We headed off to the day dungeon to try things out. We were pleased that there was a day dungeon – we’re more morning people than night owls, so all things being equal our energy tends to be better for playing during the day. We picked out a nice spanking bench and started playing, with my Master trying out the different rhythmic ideas that Master Gallad had talked about in the ramping class. Unfortunately, there was another scene going on in the room, and the sub was being very loud. When it was just her moaning, i could kind of ignore it. But when she started crying out “Oh fuck!” and “You bastard” it was just too distracting. i let my Master know that the situation just wasn’t working for me, and i wasn’t going to be able to give Him the surrender we were both looking for.

This is where my afternoon took a bit of a turn for the worse. Stopping mid-scene wasn’t good for my emotional state, even though we went up to our room and cuddled for a good long time after. i wasn’t feeling well, and was frustrated that that was impacting my plans and hopes and expectations for the weekend. It took me a long time, and a hot bath in the arms of my Master, before i was able to let go of it all and head back into the fray, as it were.

The universe wasn’t done teaching me that particular lesson yet, but after i picked myself up from my twisted ankle, i was ready to pick up where we’d left off that afternoon.

Up on the spanking bench, a mask blocking out my view of the world, my Master began spanking me. Our afternoon session hadn’t been a total loss, because i had learned and shared with my Master which rhythm resonated best with my body, and as He spanked me i grew more and more aroused. He spent a long time spanking me, gradually increasing the intensity, and when He was ready, moved on, i think to the little wooden paddle.

This was less sensual, but my arousal stayed high and i began to slip into the rhythm of the spanking, although ever aware of my Master’s hand on my back, keeping track of my breathing and my mental and physical state. Things ramped higher, with the little red plastic flogger i love, then the new cane bundle, first with the canes splayed, and then with the o-ring moved up to bind them into a single bundle.

i needed and craved more, and i reached out my hand so my Master could grab it. He leaned in to hear what i was saying above the noise of the dungeon. “More, please Sir, more,” i begged.

He granted my wish, and took my deeper and higher. We’d been at it for quite a while at this point, and when he switched to the riding crop i found it harder and harder to keep up, to stay on that edge, that sweet spot, where it’s almost, but not quite too much. Eventually my Master put all the toys away, and returned to spanking my ass with just His hand.

My ass was so tender and sensitive at this point, and the rhythm so perfect (it’s the same rhythm He uses sometimes when He fucks me) that i was instantly hot, my breath coming faster and faster, my hips wiggling with sexual frustration.

i have never felt closer to coming from impact play, and i could think of nothing but my Master’s cock in my cunt, but alas, penetration was againt the dungeon rules. He took me higher and higher, then stopped, and slid His hand between my legs to stroke my clit. i could feel my dripping wetness against His warm hand. He leaned in again, and whispered in my ear “Are you going to come for me?”

If this were just fiction, i would have come on His hand right then. But this is not fiction, and orgasm does not come easily to this slavegirl, no matter how badly i wanted to give that gift, that thank you, to my Master.

So instead, He slowed His pace, eased me down from my dizzying heights. Helped me down from the bench, and into His warm and welcoming arms, where i belong and wish i could always be.

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  1. thanks for sharing this. Like you, I can become distracted in public play. I had a complete meltdown during one BDSM function (similar to Beat Me), when the music was too loud, the room was too cold, and it seemed that nothing, but nothing, was feeling right. I was taken down from the cross sobbing and shaking, but there was nowhere set aside for quiet aftercare or any type of medical treatment, recovery, etc. For me, if a scene must be stopped, I must have a quiet area, soft blankets, and lots of TLC.

    The dungeon masters at that function told my then-Master that no one had ever requested such a thing. Considering the function had been held for nearly ten (10) years, both he and I found that difficult to believe. As I know now several of those DMs and some of the organizers of the function who know of my melt-down, I have discovered not that the request hasn’t been made, but that the group would rather provide for those who are “loud and proud” (i.e., squeaky wheel gets the grease) rather than those who merely request rather than demand the need for such an area.

    I’m also much like you in that I do not cum easily, and the no-penetration rules frustrate me. Daddy and I do not separate sex from play. So, for these various reasons, Daddy and I do not attend public BDSM functions. Although I miss the camaraderie, I can’t justify paying the money to just see and talk with people.

    As Daddy and I are still long-distance for a short while longer, we spend our money on mini-vacations where we can be alone, and spend our time scening in the privacy of our hotel room, ramping up pain, and having sex to our twisted hearts’ content.

    again, thanks for sharing this.

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