Fun with clothes and shoes

March 31, 2009

For some reason, it didn’t occur to either of us until today that it would have been really fun to document my many outfit changes of the weekend. One of the reasons my Master had been looking forward to attending a weekend-long, hotel-based D/s event like this was so that He could dress me up as he pleased and show me off. This weekend was definitely a win for that!

We took 9 pairs of shoes, and i’m pleased to say i managed to wear every single pair of them. i have 4 short skirts that are really a little too short for polite company and I got to wear all 4 of them. i didn’t manage to wear all of my lingerie, but i did get to try out some of my newest matching sets.

Let’s see if i can remember them all…

i met my Master at the airport Friday in one of His favorite looks. Tight skinny jeans, red button down shirt, black stiletto boots (#1), a string of pearls and my leather jacket.

Friday afternoon He had me put on a little black shortsleeve bodysuit, with cap sleeves that slid off my shoulders to reveal the straps of a sexy zebra stripe bra. Since we were walking out to nearby Union Station to explore the lunch offerings, He let me wear a pair of comfortable but cute walking shoes (#2), knowing that i’d be up on my toes much of the rest of the weekend. (Thank You, Sir.) And my little collar (which masquerades well as a choker), which inspired a smiling nod from a couple at lunch who we later saw at BMSL.

When we got back to the hotel and were exploring the event space Friday afternoon, He had me switch into my strappy sandals with the metal stiletto heel.(#3)

For the Friday night meet-and-greet, He dressed me in my short gray school girl skirt with nude hose and black stilettos (#4), topped off with a lacy black bra under my sheer black buttondown shirt.

Saturday morning was probably my favorite outfit of the weekend – a little red school girl skirt, with a white button down shirt unbuttoned far enough to show my lacy red bra, and red stilettos on my feet (#5).

Saturday afternoon i made sure to dress appropriately for the lapdance panel, in case there was an opportunity to try out some moves. Appropriate in this case was the entirety of the awesomely sexy black and white zebra print lingerie set – bra, thong, and matching garter belt, with black stockings, short black skirt, and platform sandals (#6).

Saturday night was elegant and refined – a killer little black dress and burgundy stilettos (#7) for a splash of color and sophistication. i’ve never felt as “Princess by day, slut by night” as when my Master put me up on the spanking bench and pulled up my dress.

Sunday morning called for my stunning red corset top. With jeans and a leather jacket for breakfast, and then with a short black skirt, patterned fishnet hose, and red peep toe pumps (#8) for the first panel of the day.

It seemed a bit extravagant to change clothes between panels, but with just one more outfit change i could accomplish my goal of wearing all the shoes and all the skirts. So on went a little black bodysuit, sleeves slid off my shoulders to show sexy pink bra straps of another great matching bra and panty set, my zebra print skirt, and amazing purple platform sandals (#9).

It was really fun to get to wear so many cute outfits for my Master. As anyone who’s been reading this blog for long knows, dressing up for my Master is one of the most important parts of my submission, so it was really awesome for both of us.


  1. I’m still thinking about your Karen Millen zebra panties.

    • They are truly awesome panties.

      i only wish you’d had a chance to see the rest of the set…

  2. Certainly, you must be the most stylish sub ever. Your blog is a joy, and going on my blogroll today!

  3. i don’t know about “most stylish sub ever,” but thank you! My Master has excellent taste in clothes and shoes, and has done a good job of helping me learn my own personal style and emphasize my physical assets!

    • Forgive my hyperbole, but I shan’t retract it – your writing and photos are both stylish as can be. Speaking of corsets, I’ve just posted a story that revolves around them.

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