Sick Day, Part 1

February 21, 2009


I’m putting my makeup and getting ready to head into work when my cell phone rings. I can barely hear the voice on the other end.

“Lyn, it’s Jenny,” says the scratchy whisper.

“You sound terrible. I take it you’re sick?” Jenny is the receptionist. Cute perky blond, straight out of college, she’s been on the job for a few months.

“I feel fine, I just can’t talk,” she whispers.  “Which means I can’t answer the phones. And I’m out of sick days.”

“That sucks,” I respond, wondering why on earth she’s calling me.

“I really need a full paycheck. Do you, um, do you think we could switch?”

Thinking she couldn’t possibly have said what I think she just said, I ask her to repeat, and yes, she’s asking to switch. As in, she’ll play the office slut for a day if I answer the phones. Well, well – now this is an interesting proposition.

“You’ll owe me a big favor – answering phones is so boring. But yes, I’ll do it for you just this once. Dress code calls for 4-inch heels – do you even own those?” I ask, thinking of perky blonde Jenny in her office-appropriate pencil skirts and colorful ballet flats.

She has a pair in her closet somewhere, she tells me. I tell her to make sure her legs and underarms are smooth. Pubic hair’s okay, if she wants it, but it must be neatly trimmed. I tell her I’ll meet her at the office, and then start thinking about my own closet. I don’t usually get to wear clothes on the job – this will be so novel.

I get to the office, and Jenny’s there waiting for me. Shoes look good – classic black stilettos, always a fine choice. She spends a few minutes going over the phone setup in her hoarse voice, and then we both step behind the frosted glass wall that separates the reception area from the rest of the office suite. My cubicle is just inside, and I tell her to strip down and leave her clothes there.

Nerves have kicked in now, and she’s slow to act, her fingers fumbling with her buttons. But finally she’s naked except for the shoes, and just in time for my – her – 9 am meeting with the boss.

We slip into his office and kneel, and when he walks in I’m sure he’s doing a double take. “Lyn,” he growls, “just what is going on here?”

I explain the situation – Jenny’s laryngitis, my working the phones for the day, and Jenny just nods.

“Highly irregular. This is highly irregular.” The boss doesn’t seemed pleased – he likes things just so – but he tells Jenny to stand up and present herself. i stay kneeling on the floor as he cups each breast one at a time, giving each nipple a pinch. Then spreads her legs apart and roughly pushes two fingers into her cunt. Turning her around, he spreads her ass, and using the cunt juice on his fingers, lubricates a slim butt plug and slips it in.

“So far, so good. Now let’s see how she performs. On your knees, slut.”

He slips his cock out of his pants, and Jenny sets to work on it. What she lacks in finesse, she makes up for in enthusiasm and college coed charm, and it doesn’t take her long to get him rock hard.

“Present your cunt, slut.”

Jenny leans over the desk, spreading her legs wide, and he pushes his cock into her in one long thrust. i’m sure if she could talk she’d squeal a bit, but instead her eyes just get wide. A grimace of pain crosses her face, but as he continues thrusting and she loosens up, I can see that she’s starting to enjoy herself. I’m enjoying myself too, watching her get fucked.

The boss is silent, just a shudder and an extra hard thrust as evidence when he shoots his load into her cunt and steps away.

“She’ll do. She’s not you, Lyn, but we’ll give her a shot.”

He quickly lays out the rules for Jenny – she’s to do whatever the guys tell her to do. Except fucking, ass or vagina – he controls that, only dispensing it when he feels someone’s earned it. Today that’s Smith. The rest of them will have to use other body parts if they feel like getting off. He tells me to keep an eye on her, then releases us from his office.

I can hear the phone ringing, so I set Jenny on her way, leaving it up to her to make the rounds and tell the boys. I’m sure they’ll have no problems at all with this “highly irregular” situation.

When the boss told me to keep an eye on her, he may have been speaking figuratively, but I have other intentions. Our office is equipped with a state-of-the-art CCTV system, and the feed’s accessible through our intranet. The boss likes to watch how the boys use their slut, and I found his password one time when I was cleaning off his desk after he’d used me on it.

So as soon as I get settled in at the reception area, I called up the feed, and flipped through the various offices until I found her in Johnson’s. A good choice to start with, I thought – Johnson is the sweetest and gentlest of the bunch. A gentle *giant* – given the size of his sweet sweet cock – but definitely gentle. He was leaned back in his chair letting Jenny work his cock. Even with both hands around the base of his shaft what was left still filled her mouth, but she worked it really well. Clearly this co-ed had learned a thing or two in college.

Watching her work on Johnson was getting me worked up, so i hiked up my skirt and started rubbing my clit in time to her up and down action on his cock. I’d worn a garter belt with no panties to ensure I’d have easy access to myself – answering the phones really is boring, and part of why I left my last job for this more interesting gig.

Jenny’s head bobbed up and down, and her hands gripped Johnson nice and tight. They were definitely hitting a rhythm together, and so was I. Johnson’s mouth opened in a soundless groan (no audio on the feed) as he came in her mouth, and my clit tingled on the edge of my own orgasm to match, when – BRRRNG – the damn phone rang.

It was for Johnson. I called his office to transfer the call, amused to watch him scrambling for the phone on the video feed. “Call for you. You sound a little out of breath? Everything okay? How’s Jenny working out back there?” I watched shy sweet Johnson turn beet red as he mumbled “fine, fine,” and then I transferred the call.

Not as good as an orgasm would have been, but fun anyway. And there would certainly be more chances.

The boss buzzed me and I actually had to pay attention to my work for a little while, returning some phone calls for him. When I looked again I found Jenny in Davis’ office, looking on in horror as Davis held up a zucchini, taken from the pile sitting on his desk. I knew what was coming next – he’d played this game with me last year. His wife had a garden, and every summer the zucchini harvest would get out control, so he’d bring in the extras to put out in the lunch room. But – sadist that he is – he wanted to amuse himself with them first.

He situated Jenny in his spare office chair, legs spread, cunt open and available. And then he started fucking her with the zucchini. Just a small one to start, but when that was slippery with cunt juices, he pulled it out and grabbed a fresh, larger one. He rubbed her clit with his fingers, ensuring she was aroused even as she was blushing with embarrassment. Then a larger one still, and I knew from my own experience that he’d have latched onto that humiliation and would be using it as much as he could, telling her what a slut she was to be getting so wet from being fucked by a vegetable. I saw him order her to do something, and she shook her head in refusal. He slapped her across the face and ordered again, and this time I could see her lips move. Davis reached out and grabbed a much larger zucchini from the pile, and I knew he’d made her beg him for it. Thrusting it into her, he started working her clit as hard as he could, and although I could see in her face that she was fighting it, I knew she wasn’t going to be able to hold out. Sure enough, a few seconds later her whole body was shuddering with an orgasm.

Davis left her there, turning back to his computer to check his email, Jenny still legs up and spread in the chair, the end of the zucchini sticking out of her cunt. This time there was no phone call to interrupt me as I brought myself to climax watching her sit there, wishing I had a nice thick zucchini in my own cunt right now.

Read Part 2


  1. Guh. The hotness of the swap! Means I can imagine myself in Jenny’s place 🙂

    xx Dee

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  11. lyn…I just recently found your blog and I must say that I thoroughly enjoy it. Some nights I fantasize of shoving my heel in your pink twat….is that terrible of me?

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