Ready and Waiting

February 8, 2009



  1. wow. i love the colors – black white and pink. and you actually look like flower petals. haven’t found that comparison to be literal until now

  2. Waiting and anticipation are two vital components to great sex. Then have a pair of strong hands start touching you first at the ankles. Feel the fingers slide up the inside of your thighs. ohhh, now his hands are on your bare thighs. You almost feel his heat against your sex. With his hands on your hips, his body presses to yours. The moment of contact, instance of heat as his cock touches and parts your labia. Your leg muscles tense…
    Suddenly you moan at ohhhh. When a single powerful thrust he buried into you, his balls touching the outside of your pussy.

    Would love to see the afterwards photo 🙂

  3. Thank you, Wilhelmina! No one’s ever compared me to a flower before. 🙂

    Slave Jo – yum. i want that right now, thank you very much…

  4. I would so much like to push three fingers into your swollen pussy. and the lick the juices off.
    So so naughty pose.

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