Smiling in Red

January 24, 2009



  1. Hi sub,

    slut girl lydia has just come across your lovely blog. You have a great, sexy and a hot blog. Can se that we have quite much in common. I do love your high heel shoes.

    Shoes is one of my biggest passion, I have a lot, and at the same time, there are always some new pair that get my intention, “I must have them” Please come and visit my blog and take a look for your self at my high heels.

    Hot kisses from slut girl lydia

  2. my Master introduced me to your blog a week ago and oh the ideas the W/we have gotten from reading it. i see alot of myself in the things that you write, and it has helped me to realize my issues as a slave girl. i, too am an overthinker, and have issues with control and giving into my submission fully. Reading your thoughts have given me new insight. Also made me a bit of a shoe slut. *grin*

    your fellow sub,

    • i’m always happy to find i’ve served as inspiration! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. […] morning called for my stunning red corset top. With jeans and a leather jacket for breakfast, and then with a short black skirt, patterned […]

  4. I love your smile!

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