Ten things

January 15, 2009


My Master and i are seeing each other this weekend. He asked me for a list of 10 things i was looking forward to. i immediately fell into overthinking mode, and started worrying about making the list contain consistent kinds of items, and thinking about what order i should put them in. As soon as i realized i was doing that, i (virtually) slapped my own hand, and just started writing down the first ten things i thought of. Submission, for me, is really about doing and NOT thinking.

1. A nice dinner out
2. Being on display at the club
3. Kissing
4. Your cock in my cunt
5. Taking whatever punishment You want to give this time
6. Practicing being more submissive more consistently during our time
together instead of dropping in and out
7. You dressing me up and taking me to the bar
8. Girl-watching with You
9. Waking up next to You
10. Your cock in my mouth


  1. God you have the best taste in shoes!! I could just look at those pretty feet and shoes all day long…

  2. Apparently I overthink and overanalyze everything too… When your mind is used to that, it’s so hard to “just do” instead of planning it for 47 hours first. 🙂

  3. LOVE those shoes!!! Which designer are they?

    • Jessica Simpson. But they really are sexier in pictures than in reality. They look incredibly hot in the picture, but we didn’t even consider keeping them.

  4. Being a sub is not just doing. It’s being told what to do. And being turned on by doing it.

  5. Merlin17 – But doing the submissive thing without being told is even hotter, don’t you think? And besides, i was juxtaposing it with thinking – what you describe is “doing” as well.

    lalana – It sure is! But when i can get there, it’s one of the more fulfilling parts of submission for me.

    sheenv – thank you for the lovely complement. You are too sweet. My taste in shoes has been well taught by my Master.

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