Happy New Year!

January 1, 2009

From the slavegirl with the best party shoes.





  1. I am in totally speechless awe over how gorgeous those shoes are! Best party shoes indeed 🙂

  2. wow, they are very sexy shoes.

  3. Great looking shoes.Sorry you did not attend a party,to show them off.Ilook forward to reading your blogs.

  4. The crimson soles absolutely *make* those shoes for me…

  5. those shoes are something else …………wow


  6. Ohhhh I see a red sole…are these what I think they are? If so, you’re quite the lucky woman. And even fi they’re not, these are really very stunning.

  7. Sparkly pink sole, not red. So not Louboutin. (Someday, though! i’ve tried on a few pairs, but none really fit my feet right, sadly. Hope springs eternal.)

    These are Betsey Johnson. And sadly, we sent them back. *cry*

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