November 27, 2008


  1. i’m thankful that You’re so understanding as i struggle to be the submissive You and i both want me to be.
  2. i’m thankful for Your love that surrounds me completely
  3. i’m thankful for Your support and encouragement in my careers. Your belief that i can do it makes me believe it too.
  4. i’m thankful for Your financial support, and the sense of security and safety net it provides.
  5. i’m thankful for all the beautiful clothes and shoes, and for You showing me that being a girl can be really fun.
  6. i’m thankful to You for helping me grow into a self-confident and self-assured woman.
  7. i’m thankful for all the effort You expend into juggling all the many balls that You need to in order to make this work.
  8. i’m thankful for every day we’ve spent together, and for every day that we will spend together.
  9. i’m thankful for Your tolerance of my mistakes, and for Your punishment that helps me do better in the future.
  10. i’m thankful that You never give up, even when i’m feeling like the world is futile.

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