Sexy Shoes and a Little Black Dress

November 24, 2008





  1. You have such a lovely collection of shoes. How many pairs do you have?

    Nice dress as well 🙂

  2. Not as many as it might appear that i have – we use visits as an opportunity to order and try out shoes that we might want, but many of them don’t fit or are otherwise problematic and end up getting sent back. (Not the pretty burgundy ones in the picture, though – they were keepers!)

    it’s been a while since i did a count, but i’d guess i have somewhere around 30 pairs right now.

  3. Utterly lickable 🙂

  4. My wife has a few pairs but no where near 30.

    Mind you she has problems walking in them, but they’re not always bought to walk in, if you know what I mean lol 😉

  5. Only thirty pairs?! I expected you to have more, for some reason!
    Btw, your hands and nails are always so beautiful. I’m always utterly envious of your gorgeous red polish.

    Oh! And you inspired me to get a big girl blog of my own! I’m now at http://www.sexnshoes.com!

  6. looking great. you really do

  7. Tommy – i do know what you mean. 🙂 And i couldn’t walk in heels when i started seeing my Master, but in the early days i had to practice daily, and now i do pretty well.

    thurschild – actually, i just did a count this morning, and the number is probably closer to 36. Your new site looks great – i’ll change my entry for you on the blogroll. (Although it looks like a got a peek just in time, i’m getting a 500 internal server error from that link right now.)

    Thanks, Jessica!

  8. Thurschild – Meant to respond to your comment on the nails! i struggled with my nails for a long time, finally gave in and got acrylics, and i truly adore them. This color is OPI’s “Bastille my Heart” and it is truly fabulous – i got compliments on it constantly.

  9. adorable shoes, I have no idea how many pairs I have as some are rarely worn as they don’t fit properly or they are just not for walking in.


  10. […] night was elegant and refined – a killer little black dress and burgundy stilettos (#7) for a splash of color and sophistication. i’ve never felt as “Princess by day, […]

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