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A shoe slut fantasy

November 17, 2008


We’ve hung out, reconnected, shared a meal, and talked a little about what the parameters for the visit are. i’m nervous, tense about serving two masters, but You assure me that if i serve her well, that i am serving You through that.

It’s time. i’m told to strip off my clothes and i do. She begins to tie me up as at La Domaine, but this time paying even more attention to creating something that is beautiful and functional. You play with me a little as she works, touching my cunt and nipples, but mostly i just zone out into the rhythm of the rope work. When she’s done my arms are bound securely and helplessly. The rest of me is free to move, but encircled in rope, ready to be used to position me in any way that’s needed.

She uses the rope to bind me to a cross (that has miraculously appeared in my living room…) and begins to play with me. First a gentle warmup with hands and flogger, but soon moving to a level of impact play that is harder than what You are usually comfortable giving. As i writhe and struggle against me bonds, and breathe into and through the pain, i feel You stroking my hair, kissing me, touching me face, telling me what a good girl i am.

Just as i feel i can’t possibly take any more, it’s over. i hardly notice her untying my hands, making sure the blood is working it’s way back in, and i am still very securely bound as i slump down into a little puddle on the floor.

More kisses and stroking from You, lips on my lips, hands in my hair, then on my nipples, then at my cunt. You spread my legs, and i feel the tip of a pointy toed shoe touch my cunt, then pull away.

“Beg for it, shoe slut. You know you want it, beg me for it.”

i spread my legs wide and summon my voice from where it has retreated deep inside. i am shaking a little from the flogging, but wet and horny, and i do want it. it’s all i’ve been thinking about since we met for dinner. i beg her for it, beg her to fuck my cunt with her shoe, beg her to make me her shoe-fucking slut.

A few thrusts, rubbing the tip of the shoe against my swollen clit, dipping it into my cunt, then she stops. “i like my sluts wetter than this. If your cunt can’t do it, then You’ll have to use Your mouth” she says, and brings her shoe to my lips.

i lick it, tasting myself, tasting my wetness, adding my own saliva to it, knowing that the wetter i make the shiny patent, the better it is going to feel when that shoe touches my cunt again.

i must have done a good job, because in a moment she’s got the shoe between my legs again, working it against my clit. You move me into a better position, and soon i’m thrusting against her, moaning and writhing. You lean in to kiss me, taking my breath a little as You envelope my mouth with Your own.

i feel an orgasm begin to come. i don’t know who to ask for permission, so i blurt it out to both of You. “Please, Sir, please Mistress, please may i come for You?”

“Are You going to come on my shoe? You’ll have to clean it off, You know.”

“Yes, Mistress, yes, yes, yes…”

She works my clit harder, more directly, and with Your hands on my nipples and Your voice in my ear telling me to come for for You, to come for You now, i do.

i cry out, loud and long, the orgasm carrying me away. The contractions have only begun to fade away when i feel her hand on the back of my neck, pushing my face down to her shoe. i know what to do, and carefully lick every inch of it clean, tasting me all over her beautiful shoe.