November 11, 2008

Leading up to our visit, i’d been expressing to my Master the strong need i was feeling to be bound and contained. Fortunately, He saw fit to fulfill that need for me.


One night before the visit He told me to wrap myself up in rope while i masturbated for Him, and i was astounded at how hot it made me just to string the rope through my cuffs and around my thighs and waist. After i came, i curled up in bed, held in the fetal position by the rope, wishing i could sleep all night that way.


Bondage often surprises me that way. i need it and crave it in a way i never really recognized before. It just feels right when i can feel the tension of the rope or cuffs or chain against my body.


And there’s really nothing better than being used when i’m bound. Body twisted and head pulled to the side of the couch as my Master fucks my face. Heaven.


  1. Wow, the white of your skin set off by the black of the cuffs and those lacquer red shoes? Beautiful!

    Hope I didn’t offend with the comments on my blog. I love your and your Master’s exchange…and frankly, I have to give you credit for my first realization that piss play can be fun and erotic. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, being used while bounded is heaven indeed. I love yr shoes!!! I’ve now tasted my Masters piss btw, it was emotional and intense.

  3. yes being bound and used …. there’s nothing quite like it!! 🙂

    t. x

  4. I don’t think I’m ready for the intensity of your play but I’m loving the idea of bondage and those shoes. Need to find a volunteer to try that out. LOL

  5. Rae – don’t forget the perfectly coordinated fingernails… 🙂 And re. your post – i didn’t take any offense at all – i think it’s utterly fascinating to read other people’s perceptions based on what i write here.

    moonheart – It’s always emotional and intense for me too. Sounds like it was a good experience for you, and i’m glad for you.

    trinity – i love reading your bondage stories too. i keep thinking about that monoglove/arm sleeve. Hot, hot, hot!

    Diesel Johnson – intensity is in the eye of the beholder – i feel like a total wimp compared to lots of other blogs i read. So no pressure – do what works for you, and good luck finding a volunteer! 🙂

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