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November 7, 2008


While it’s true that my feet get to have most of the fun, what with the endless parade of fabulous shoes that adorn them, they are not the only feet in this relationship that get some attention paid to them. Somewhere along the line of our D/s travels, i discovered that my Master has very sensitive feet. Not sensitive in the ticklish way, but He loves to have me scratch or stroke them gently after He comes. And He loves it when i rub the spaces in between His toes. i swear His eyes roll back into His head when i do that.

i think one of the reasons He likes it so much is because He’s often got some dry calloused skin in there. So for months now i’ve been talking about giving Him a pedicure, and last weekend all the pieces fell into place, with (most of) the necessary equipment and the time to devote to pampering Him.

Geek that i am, i spent some time searching the net for instructions on giving a pedicure. Even though i get them regularly as part of my grooming for Him, i hadn’t paid close enough attention to the sequence of events. But i found a good set, and we got started. The one piece of equipment we didn’t have was a pedicure tub, so we took a nice long hot bath together, and then i got out and started working on His feet. After i’d filed off all the flaky skin and He rinsed off, we moved into the bedroom, where He laid on the bed, oh-so-fetchingly attired in only a towel. Fortunately i was focused enough to not be too distracted by what was underneath!

i spent quite a while massaging His feet with lotion, something that He loves. Then i wrapped them up in towels to let them get really moisturized while i filed and trimmed and buffed His nails. Then, back to the bathroom where i did one last round of exfoliating with a peppermint pumice foot scrub.

All in all, it took about an hour of working on His feet. They weren’t perfect, but much smoother and softer, but He was happy and i was pleased that i had been able to do something so nice for Him. It was also oddly meditative, as i was completely focused on that one task for the entire time, not doing my usual scatterbrained zig-zagging here and there. That focus is one of the things that i seek and crave from my submission, so it was nice to have this new way to achieve it. i expect that pedicures will become a regular addition to our time together.


(Today’s shoes: Satisfaction from CARLOS by Carlos Santana)