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More of the hottest boots ever

November 6, 2008



Here’s those hot boots again, plus skinny jeans. i figured i’d finish up with these before i began posting pictures of the rest of the shoes we spent the weekend playing with!

Our previous visit was very short, so we were both looking forward to having some long swatchs of unstructured time to reconnect. We both needed it. My move and life changes have been harder on my psyche than i realized (even good stress is still stress), and my submission has been suffering. Because of how close our feedback loop is, that effects Him a lot too.

i’m happy to be able to say that this was a good visit for reconnecting. i was in a much much better emotional space than last time. Which is good, because our next visit is 6 long weeks away. We had nothing on our schedules, and spent a lot of the weekend doing photoshoots. Stay tuned, because i should be posting pictures regularly – i uploaded enough for one a day until our next visit. At which time there will be more pictures, so i might as well keep ’em flowing.