10 thoughts

October 26, 2008


Yesterday my Master was mostly out of contact. But to ensure i was keeping him in mind, i had instructions to stop and clench my pussy for a count of 10, ten times over the course of the day, and to write to Him what i was thinking each time. It was nice way to spend my day – pausing off and on for a quickie fantasy and cunt clench.

The thoughts:

One. Thinking about being punished for inattention.

Two. Thinking about kneeling.

Three. Thinking about You taking out Your frustration on me.

Four. Washing dishes, and thinking about sucking Your cock.

Five. Kissing You.

Six. Your hands in my hair.

Seven. Piss slut.

Eight. Spanking.

Nine. Bondage.

Ten. Thinking about how nice it will be to have a smooth pussy again. (Waxing appointment this week!)

One comment

  1. Could be a list of me….:-) Btw Nice the shoes and the trousers.

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