Renewing and Reviewing: Rule 6

September 9, 2008

6. I own your orgasms. You are never to come without permission. When you are to masturbate or come, you will receive instructions to that effect. You are not to request permission to masturbate or orgasm, with the exception of “medical related” orgasms duringmenstruation. If you don’t receive any instructions — either because I don’t send them to you or there is an e-mail issue — you are allowed to masturbate but not to orgasm. Whenever you masturbate, you are to do so in a submissive manner. Even if you are allowed to orgasm, you are forbidden to aggressively seek orgasm; you may only take one if it comes to you in your submissiveness. You are to write to me about it every morning.

Flowing naturally from rule 5, your ownership of my orgasms is pretty well cemented in my mind now. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right balance between doing what i need to do to make myself come and not “aggressively seeking orgasm.” But when i am doing it right it feels right. i only wish i were better at giving You my orgasms when You demand them, and that i didn’t have to still be so much in control of the stimulation in order to get there.

i feel particularly submissive when i have instructions to masturbate on nights when i’m tired and/or otherwise uninterested. Then there’s no question who commands my arousal and my orgasm, and whose pleasure it serves. i fantasize about being forced to come over and over again
until it ceases to be pleasurable for me and is really all about serving You. It’s a very hot fantasy for me, and i’m getting wet just writing about it. Wet and wishing i could touch myself, but knowing that i don’t have permission and will have to go to sleep with my cunt aching to serve You.

One comment

  1. Hello lyn…

    Congratulations on your nomination to the SexBlog list. i believe it is well deserved. 🙂

    In todays’ post, you wrote that you are permitted to masturbate in a submissive manner, you are not to agressively seek orgasm and may only take one if it comes to you in your submissiveness. This is something that i am trying very hard to get my mind around and to put into practice — this concept of orgasming from/out of my submission is, so far, a slightly elusive concept… let alone finding a way to carry it out.

    i am wondering if your Master will permit you to expand on this idea. i would love to know more about the “hows”, love it, love it :).

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