Renewing and Reviewing: Rule 5

September 8, 2008

5. I own your sexuality, and everything that happens to it. You are to tell me about everything: every sexual thought, every sexual deed. In detail. Everything. This includes things about yourself and things about others — everything. You are not allowed to read D/s websites without my explicit permission. When you do have permission, you are to send me links to everything you read and the comments you leave. In addition, you are to send me a link to any other sexually related blog posts you read.

i accept unequivocally that You own my sexuality. Yet i still have trouble with this rule, and don’t follow it as well as i should. i do pretty well when i comes to the blog reading restrictions, although certainly there are times when it frustrates me that i can’t follow up on an interesting entry in my referrer logs, and it just doesn’t seem worth the bother to ask for permission. i know i surf blogs way less than when i had free rein to do so, because again, having to ask for permission just doesn’t make sense when i’m just looking for a way to pass a minute or two here or there if some software is loading or something like that. But, given the realities of my life, i don’t often have time to waste blog reading anyway, so this is all probably for the best. And it means that the times when i have permission, i am very aware that i am acting on Your instructions, and at Your pleasure.

As for deeds, that’s probably where i do best. i can’t do anything sexual with myself or anyone else without thinking of telling You about it, and being aware of what You would think as i did it. That’s what i mean when i say that i accept this rule unequivocally – i’m totally aware that my sexuality is Yours, not my own.

Early in our D/s relationship i did a much better job of telling You about every sexual thought i had. And that’s something that i want to get back to, because i know it is an important way for You to know what is going on in my mind and where i am at with my sexuality and my submission. And that the more You know about those things, the more successful our long-distance interactions will be.


  1. I love your blog!

  2. So do I!!!!

  3. has anybody mentioned that this is just about the sexiest picture i’ve seen in a blog in a very long time? very hot, sub lyn.

  4. thanks all, you’re totally sweet!

  5. […] to the last posted version of my rules, i was not allowed to read D/s blogs (or really any sex blogs as the rule actually played out) […]

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