Renewing and Reviewing: Rule 4

September 7, 2008

red & lace
4. I own your mind. You are to communicate as much as possible. What you say and write is to a be true reflection of what is in your head and your heart. You are not to write something because you think I want to hear it, or because you think it fits into the “scene,” or because it’s what you’re trying to make yourself believe. You are not to edit your thoughts, or only tell me things you think I want to hear. You are to be completely open and honest — and exposed — to me at all times.

This can be a difficult rule for me to follow. i want to make You happy, and sometimes communicating fully and giving You a true reflection of what is in my head and heart means saying things that i know will not make You happy, and might even hurt You. But i know how important this rule is to making our long-distance relationship work. It’s too easy to hide behind the right words when i’m really thinking and feeling something else entirely, and You have no way of knowing because You can’t pick up on the non-verbal clues You’d get if You were here.

At the same time as this is sometimes difficult, i am really grateful that i am not silenced in this relationship. That i am not just allowed to speak my mind (and heart), but expected and instructed to do so.

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