Renewing and Reviewing: Rule 2

September 5, 2008

2. I own your dress. You are to dress for me, within the limits of your day’s activities and schedule. Sometimes this might mean a small token, sometimes it might mean a lot. It is to always mean consideration. You are to treat this ritual with reverence, especially regarding the clothes I have purchased for you. They are mine just as you are. Each morning you are to write and tell me what you are wearing and why you have chosen it, and include several full-length photographs. When we’re together I will dress you as I please, regardless of where we are going or the weather.

i look forward to this ritual every day. i usually start thinking about it the night before, as i’m taking off today’s clothes and thinking about what i can wear to please You tomorrow. Sometimes i’ll start with a pair of shoes You haven’t seen in a while, and figure out what i should wear with that. This time of year, it’s nice to pull out those warmer, more structured pieces that You like so much and that have been hiding from the heat of the summer. i love that everything i
wear comes from You, that everything that surrounds me is owned by You, just as i am myself. i can’t wait until You have access to my entire closet to dress me from when You are visiting – that will be lovely.

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