Renewing and Reviewing: Rule 1

September 3, 2008

Rule 1:
I own your body. You are to keep yourself in a manner fitting your submission. You are to look good at all times. You are to eat well and stay active. Before visiting me, you are to shave your underarms and legs, and follow my instructions as to the treatment of your pubic hair and your nails. When we are not together, you will maintain grooming appropriate to your dress.

As soon as i read these the other day i noticed the addition of eating well and staying active. i really welcome that addition, because i think that knowing it’s a part of my submission will make me less likely to reach for that second cookie, and give me some impetus to get out and walk in the morning or evening whenever i can. i think it will be a very helpful motivator for me. At the same time, i’m glad that You trust my judgment enough to leave the specifics open, knowing that the guideline will be enough.

The other addition was “looking good at all times.” i do try to make sure i look good (or at least presentable), but sometimes i get lazy about it, on weekends particularly. Again, having it as an explicit part of my submission will make it even more important and forward in my mind.

Thank You, Sir.

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