July 29, 2008

The kneeling slavegirl was thoroughly bound, her hands tied behind her back, a spreader bar at her thighs keeping her legs spread wide and her cunt open for His access. Her Master toyed with her, flicking her back and breasts and ass with the tips of the bright red flogger, watching the pink marks appear on her pale whiteness. Standing behind her, where she couldn’t see Him, He pulled out a tiny toy, just a thin and flexible rod with a black leather handle. An observer unfamiliar with its charms would have been surprised by the reaction of the slavegirl when He laid His first strike, high on her shoulder blade. The way her face grew horrified in that split second before the pain came, as she realized what He now held in His hand. Her cries and futile attempts to move away as He snapped the rod on her thighs and ass and breasts and stomach. The bright red lines that appeared wherever the rod had touched, marking her as her Master’s property.

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