Club Visit, Part 2

July 28, 2008

After i’d recovered a little from our first scene, my Master had me get up into the leather swing. He put my wrists into the cuffs. i spread my legs and put them high up on the chains that held the bottom of swing up. He clipped my cuffs to the chain, and then used some wide cloth straps to distribute the weight and further secure my legs. i was wide open, with my cunt and breasts easily accessible, right out there for anyone to see.

Being on my back, this time i was able to tell that we had watchers, and although i closed my eyes to stay focused in my space, i was always aware that they were there, watching me. i like to be watched, so this was a big turn on for me.

i had my suspicions about what my Master wanted to do to my bound and helpless front and cunt, so i was not surprised when He applied the first clothespin to me. i was surprised, however, by how much it hurt! We’ve used clothespins quite a bit before, and usually i tolerate them much better. It must have been something about where i was in my endorphin cycle after coming down from the evil stick, because this time every single clothespin felt like fire.

My Master is not a sadist. He just gets off on reaction, and inflicting pain is a good way to get lets of reaction from me. But since i was giving Him plenty of reaction from just a few pins, He was happy to use only that many. He put a few on each breast, and a few more on my cunt lips. Perhaps 10 in total. Our clothespin play is less about endurance than some – He likes to watch my face as He puts them on and takes them off too, so He moved the clothespins around as He likes to do.

Every sensation was heightened, and i was moaning and writhing and thrashing and crying out. My movements would rock the swing, and i’d be aware of the sensation of being suspended. He was standing between my spread legs, and from time to time between applying clothespins He would lean in to kiss me, pressing His body against mine and driving the clothespins painfully into my skin.

For all i said above that He’s not about endurance, by the end of the scene some of the clothespins (particularly the ones on my nipples) had been on for quite a while. i was still incredibly sensitive to sensation at that point, and as the final few came off i completely lost control of my body. i’d been balancing my legs up on top of the chains so i was very happy that my Master had bound my legs so carefully and securely as they dropped off from my reaction. i was taking long shuddering breaths as i processed the sensation of the blood flowing back into deprived skin and nipples, and i was so grateful when my Master leaned into me again and held me so tight.

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