July 26, 2008

We’re at the club, and i’m wearing my sheer black spider dress. You’re leading me around by my leash connected to a chain in my cunt. People are doing double takes as they look through the sheer fabric and see the chain peeking out. i’m doing my best to hold the tight chain in place in my cunt, but i let my muscles relax for a moment and a few inches slip out. You feel the slack in the leash increase and order me to present myself for punishment. i lean over the back of the couch, clenching my muscles as tightly as i can to keep the rest of the chain in as You apply the crop hard to my ass.


i’m on my back in the swing, arms and legs stretched and bound, my cunt wide open and available. You lube up a thin chain and push it fingerlength by fingerlength into my cunt. You rub my clit with the end of it until i’m thrashing in the swing, and then ask one of the watchers if they want to pull it out. He does, and You take another thicker chain and begin the process again. Again it is pulled out, and finally You take a thick heavy chain and begin working it into my cunt. When i am stuffed full and my cunt is heavy with the weight, You take me out of the swing and we walk around the club, stopping to watch other scenes, You letting me feel the weight and fullness inside of me. You reach between my legs and rub my clit and my arousal is causing me to move shamelessly against Your hand. You continue to rub my clit as You pull the chain slowly out.


i’m strapped to a cross. My cunt is filled with a long chain, inserted from the middle, leaving two loops sticking out of my cunt. You attach clover clips to my labia, then hook the other end of the clips into the loops. The pinching of the clips is intense all on it’s own, but i know that if i let the chain slip out from my cunt, its weight will be added to the clips, causing them to tighten and the pain to intensify. i’m managing to keep my muscles under control and the chain in place as you start placing clothespins on my breasts and nipples. But when You pull out the flogger and begin to flog them off, i lose control, the chain falls out, and i scream.


  1. hi sub lynn, love your post,wish you was her in the UK, mmm, things we could do together xx

  2. i wonder if my Master will let me get a chain. I luv reading about your chains. and want to try them if Master lets me.

  3. This is just yummy. I’ve never thought of a cunt leash before. I’ve used a cock leash on my boyfriend and knowing how hot that makes me, the next time we’re together I might present him with a leash to my cunt so he can be as aroused.

  4. Thanks all for the nice comments! Good luck with your own chain adventures – i should note that i have no idea if it would actually be possible to keep the chain like i describe in the vignettes. i’ve done it while standing, but the only time we applied any weight to it (see the second picture), it started coming right out. Clearly i need to practice my Kegels.

    The nice thing about fantasy is that you can ignore physics and biology…

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