Photo Essay

July 22, 2008

i still have a few great tales from the weekend, but no time to write a post right now. So i hope you won’t mind if i let the pictures do the talking…



schoolgirl undressing

yet more panties and shoes


  1. very sexy, and I love those shoes.

  2. i love your photos. they are all in good taste, and very erotic.

  3. Hot hot hot shoes!

    I love the panties,too. 🙂

  4. My slave stumbled across your blog, and from what we have seen so far, we are glad she did, looking forward to reading through your archives


  5. Jesus, those shoes make me weep. Great pictures!

  6. Thank you everyone! my Master is really an excellent photographer, and i’m lucky that i get to be the canvas for His art! We’re both appreciating all the kind words.

  7. Hot shoes alert! Hot shoes alert!
    (looks closer)
    I’d guess Candi’s if I had too, but they look a bit nicer…
    Too fun to be Stuart. Too plain to be Santana…
    I give up…
    Who makes the shoes!?!

  8. There from RSVP – they make really hot shoes. here’s the Zappos link

  9. Beautiful photos, although I keep finding myself drawn to the delicate bracelet…

    Not to take away from the shoes, which are very sexy!

  10. […] morning was probably my favorite outfit of the weekend – a little red school girl skirt, with a white button down shirt unbuttoned far enough to show my lacy red bra, and red stilettos on […]

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