Trying on new shoes, Saturday morning edition

July 19, 2008

Just because it’s morning sex, doesn’t mean there can’t be shoes.

We wake up around the same time, and snuggle in together. It’s a short snuggle, though, before He’s pushing my head down to His crotch. i eagerly take His cock into my mouth, using my hands on His shaft and His balls, just the way He likes it, using my saliva to make everything slippery. He’s full and hard in my mouth and i’m loving every minute of it.

Then He pulls out. “I’ll be back in a minute,” He says. “I’m going to fuck you when I get back, so you’d better make yourself wet if you aren’t already.”

i am wet, a little bit, from sucking Him, but i work my clit all the same while He’s in the bathroom. When He comes back out He grabs a shoe box and sets it on the bed. i spread my legs for Him, and He drives His cock straight into my cunt, hitting bottom and making me gasp with pain and pleasure.

He’s driving His cock in and out of me, as he reaches over to push the shoe box closer to my hand. i pull out a pair of the most utterly gorgeous Stuart Weitzman ankle strap sandals and slip them on feet that are up over His shoulders. i can’t do up the straps when i’m being fucked, but He’s happy to take care of that for me. Now my feet are like my cunt – both being used for their proper purpose, in service to their Master.

One comment

  1. those shoes look sexy as hell on your perfect feet! i’d love for them to be up over my shoulders.. 😛 around my waist, what ever…. as long as there on and being used!

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