Club Visit, Part 1

July 18, 2008

schoolgirl bound
When we were planning our trip, i asked around for recommendations on which of the 3 clubs we should go to. So nice being in a big city and having a choice for these things! One of the clubs came especially highly recommended and – most importantly – was actually in the city rather than the suburbs, and thus easier to get to than the others since we didn’t have a car. We made our arrangements in advance and planned a visit for Saturday night.

We got out of the taxi and were buzzed in. Stepping through the door, we were faced with a long, long flight of stairs. 3 stories, straight up. i went first, aware with each step how much my Master was enjoying seeing me walk up in my 4-inch stiletto heels.

We had no idea what to expect, really, and when we walked into the club we were greeted with a surprisingly well lit and comfy living room area. There were only a few people there are the time, relaxing and chatting on the sofas. We walked around a little checking out the play rooms and the equipment. It is a really great space – lots of great furniture, but also enough room to swing a flogger and not worry about your backswing too much. Two big play rooms (one for quieter scenes, the other for more rambunctious ones), and one smaller semi-private play space. A big lounge as a nice friendly social area, and a separate smaller lounging space too, which would be great for aftercare from a heavy scene.

We went back into the lounge and settled in, Master on the couch and me on the floor at His feet. He put His collar on me, then my wrist cuffs, then chained it all together. i love it when He does this when we are in a new environment. It makes me feel contained and protected by Him, and helps me remember my place. The containment and protection aren’t for the reasons You’d expect – i’m not particularly afraid or shy. Quite the opposite. i’m an extrovert, and my reaction to new places would be to be run off, exploring things, maybe talking to people, never sitting in one place. Chaining me up helps me remember to keep my focus on Him.

There was another couple sitting across from us, and we struck up a conversation with them. This was their first night at the club too. We chatted for a while, then my Master sent me off to change. When i came back He was gone! But it didn’t take me long to find Him – He’d been dropping off our toy bags on a piece of furniture He’d picked out.

It was still early by club standards, so we had the room mostly to ourselves, just one other scene going on when we started. Master chained my cuffs to a spanking bench of sorts, and started playing with me.

He told me later that we had watchers there almost all the time. i’m afraid i probably didn’t put on a very good show for them. i just let myself drift into the experience. Drift into the sharp sting of the little red plastic flogger on my ass and legs and thighs. The smack of that strange wooden toy with a hole in it that they were giving away at a previous club. The thud of the purple suede flogger. The cool swishing of the rubber one, its sound so much worse than its bite! The gentle but insistent stroking of my Master’s fingers at my clit, and slipping into my hole. Moaning, breathing, drifting.

i was very warmed up, my ass glowing with the heat, when my Master took me to a whole different place. A journey inspired by a little toy, barely bigger than a pencil lead. The evil stick.

We’d ordered this toy after experiencing one Mistress Suzanne had at La Domaine, but there must be multiple toys called evil sticks. The one she had was heavy (for its size) and stiff. This one was extremely light, and quite flexible. But they both had the same effect, which was to get me yelping in no time at all!

Like a little cane, the evil stick would strike, and i’d have a moment to think “oh that’s not so bad” and then the pain would rush in. By the middle of the 10 strokes (i wasn’t counting at the time, but He told me later that that’s how many there were) i was arching my back and trying to climb off the spanking bench. Failing of course, with my wrists and ankles cuffed there, but trying valiantly all the same. By the time He stopped i was breathing hard and whimpering, and when He unchained me i curled into Him, whispering thank Yous and i love Yous.

And that was just our first scene for the night.

evil stick marks
(Yes, those are evil stick marks on my bottom the next day.)


  1. excellent post! and i love the photos!!

  2. I’d never heard of the evil sticks before. They look well named!

    xx Dee

  3. Ouch. I concur with Dee on the evil stick. Wow.

  4. They are indeed well named.

    He tells me that next time He’s going to tie my down more securely when He does this. Eek!

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