Trying on new shoes, Friday night edition

July 16, 2008

school girl bound 2
Friday night He fucked me in a pair of patent peep toe pumps, red on top with a black heel and platform.

i started on my knees at His feet, rubbing His cock through His pants, waiting patiently until he let me undo one button, then another. Loosening his belt, undoing His shirt, red fingernails at His nipples as i kissed and licked His cock gently. Wanting to take it in my mouth, down my throat, but knowing that i didn’t have permission, so waiting. Desperate and impatient, but waiting.

Finally getting the prize, the reward for my obedience and patience, the head of His cock in my mouth, one hand wrapped around His shaft, the other stroking and caressing His balls. Knowing from the taste and feel of Him in my mouth that He was close, so close. Surprised when He pushed me off His cock. “Get a pair of shoes, and get on the couch.”

I grabbed one of the 5 pairs of new shoes we’d brought to try this trip, and assumed my position on the couch – short black skirt up around my waist, legs in the air. He pulled my lace g-string to one side and slid His cock into me in one long push. i gasped as the pain and pleasure of my sudden opening mixed. And then He handed me the shoe box. i opened it, pulling tissue paper from toes and heels as He continued to move His cock in and out of me. Slipping shoes onto feet that rested on His shoulders, i felt Him push His cock into me as far as He could, and i looked up into His eyes as i felt His come fill me.


  1. Hey I have those same shoes…they are HOT…always turns heads

  2. stunning shoes, and a very sexy picture

  3. I so love shoe porn (drool)
    gorgeous shoes!

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