Embarrassment of Riches

July 16, 2008


My Master took almost 200 pictures of me this weekend. There are so many good ones, i spent at least 10 minutes just choosing this one to start with!

We had three nights together. Every morning would start off with sex (in one form or another), then down to the restaurant for breakfast, then back up to our amazing suite for a photo session in the morning light. Which, if you ask me, is just about a perfect way to start the day.

There was more, of course, but this teaser will have to hold you until i have time to write about our trip to a great BDSM club, or the 5 pairs of new shoes, or any of my other great memories of the weekend.


  1. That is the most, seductive, erotic, sexy photo! I love it! Also, two thumbs up with the morning sex!

  2. Oh goodness, those nails look fantastic. How do they feel?

  3. Oh, you can hardly see them in that picture! There are many better pictures to come, i know you’ll be pleased to hear.

    They feel good. i like them a lot. i’m getting used to typing with them. And i love looking at them. i was so frustrated by my nails before, because they broke at the slightest thing. These are excellent.

  4. Thanks, drunkin monkey. i love how sexy it manages to be without before explicit at all.

    Morning sex, afternoon sex, before dinner sex, after dinner sex, good night sex. i give it all two thumbs up.

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