July 9, 2008

(Sorry for the long gap in blogging! So busy lately. But my Master is visiting soon, so i should have lots of new stories to share next week! In the meantime, here’s the last tale from La Domaine.)

When last we left our happy submissive, she’d just spent her evening providing guests with great entertainment as the table centerpiece. The fun continued after dinner, when Mistress Suzanne asked if she could tie me up. As much of the conversation of the evening had centered around her upcoming trip to and sessions at Shibaricon, i was both willing and eager. She started with a chest harness, and decided halfway through that she wanted to do something a little different, so undid me and started over. Along the way she shared with my Master what she was doing and why, and what the different purposes of the different knots were. Her passion for rope was very apparent!


After the chest harness was on (with my hands tied securely behind my back) she added a crotch rope complete with “happy knot” and wove it into the chest work. We chatted about all sorts of things as she worked, and we really enjoyed getting to know her. She and my Master share an appreciation for aesthetics, and a desire for things to be beautiful as well as functional. She talked about how much she enjoyed the opportunity to do rope work on her own terms – in the pro business, where time is money, clients rarely want to pay for pretty. But i was more than happy to let her make me as pretty as she wanted to!


To that end, when the bottom half of my torso was thoroughly bound (and a vibrating glove tucked under the happy knot), she moved onto each leg, managing impressive symmetry, we thought. There was some extra rope left from the various ties, where she was finished before the rope was, and when Master Max wandered over she told him to feel free to do something with them.


Noting that my posture was poor (it is) Master Max decided to remedy that situation, and soon i was standing very straight indeed, and my legs were beginning to be joined together as well. The fun would have continued if only my hands hadn’t started falling asleep (again!) so then it was the exact opposite of the slow careful knot tying, as the ropes were quickly released and my hands set free.

Afterward, we chatted a little more with the guests before people started drifting away and my Master and i retired to the bedroom to, well… do what You’d expect after the night we had. Fuck like bunnies and fall asleep.


  1. That is gorgeous rope-work – and you look amazing in it! Thank you for showing us the progression of it, too.

    xx Dee

  2. bondage bunnies!

  3. wow! nice work with the rope!!!! two thumbs up, looks hot!

  4. Hey lyn.. thanks for posting these shots and thanks to those commenting that they enjoy my work. (smile)

    It was really great to meet you and your charming Master at LD and I hope we can meet up again some day soon. I think I would enjoy suspending you a bit. (wink)

    Namaste~ Suzanne

  5. sxysadist, you do quite the handy work! 😛

  6. and what a lovely knot placed so deftly and appropriately between your thighs.

  7. Hello, I like your blog. If you like we could exchange links betwen our blogs.

    Let me know!!!


  8. This is amazing rope work. I loved seeing all the pictures and the developement of the Art that was you and her work on you. Beautiful!


  9. Wow, beautiful ropework on a lovely body. I can just imagine how that web of ropes must have felt hugging you in a cozy embrace.

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