Dinner at La Domaine – Reality

May 29, 2008

dinner table

So, when i wrote up my fantasy post Dinner at La Domaine i really had no idea that a week later i’d be, well, having dinner at La Domaine. Although perhaps “having” is not the best descriptor for my experience of the meal.

This fantasy of being the centerpiece and entertainment at a dinner party is one that has been a permanent fixture in our fantasy life since i became my Master’s submissive. It was what attracted us to La Domaine in the first place. And Master R went to great lengths to help us live out that fantasy, for which we are incredibly grateful.

As the guests arrived my Master and i left our room and went out into the living room to meet and greet them. i was feeling very shy about the upcoming evening, so i stayed very close to Him, curled up on the floor at His feet. The guests were all friends of La Domaine who Master R had invited to come for dinner and participate in our little fantasy fulfillment. As with the previous night, it was really very enjoyable to just be able to socialize as a couple, and to do so in our D/s roles. For all my shyness in the moment, i’m a very extroverted person, so while i stayed close to my Master, i happily participated in the conversation from the floor as we got to know the other guests. Master Max was relaxed and exuded confidence and dominance. Fiend, naked and sitting on the floor next to me, was fun and talkative. Mistress Suzanne (Suze to her friends) was beautiful, charming and friendly, and i was instantly smitten.

Soon it was time for dinner. i was sent off into the bedroom to strip, and when i came back wearing only my cuffs, collar and a pretty pair of black lace panties, my Master helped me up onto the table, on my stomach, bound in a hog tie position. The table was set around me and the guests were seated. Things mostly started slowly, with the guests not quite sure what was expected or allowed. The first course was served, and my Master and Master R took turns feeding me bits of soup from their spoons, making me feel like a pampered pet. (Or as Master R would tell me later, a baby bird…) While the first course was being cleared and the next was being prepared, Mistress Suzanne pulled out a length of silk rope and using it to adjust my bondage to her liking. This broke this ice, and everyone started using me for entertainment, as was the whole point of the activity. There was much fun of trying to balance water glasses on various portions of my anatomy, and attempts to find my elusive tickle spots. Master Max was seated at my foot, quietly and sadistically flicking at the reflex spot on my knee – you know, the one the doctor hits with the hammer to make you kick? Master Max scares me. But mostly in a good way.

Going in, we didn’t have a set plan for how things would go. We knew that i could probably only take about 20 minutes in the bondage. But what to do after that? We weren’t sure, and just planned to play it by ear. And at about the 20 minute point i did start getting uncomfortable, my fingers in particular getting a little tingly. But i was having fun – really in subby heaven being the focal point of all that attention, so it was decided that there would still be room for everyone to eat if i were on my back. And that’s when the fun really started.

With so many more delicate bits on display, i was getting teased and tormented from all sides. Mistress Suzanne pulled out a little vibrator and positioned it up against my clit, and everyone debated the right vibration setting to put it on. She pulled out her Evil Stick, and there was much tormenting me with that. It is a very thin and very light composite rod. It requires almost no effort to use, but is remarkably stingy. Like a cane, it doesn’t hurt on impact, but immediately after. When her early attempts faded too quickly, she applied five quick strokes to my belly. i had enough time to think “oh, that’s not so bad…” when the blood rushed in and it was like fire. Slave riddle took things a little too far, hitting me with it directly on my nipple, which had me clutching my nipple and hyperventilating until everyone reminded me to take slow, deep breaths. At one points Mistress Suzanne had a vibrating glove on and was running her hands over my neck. i kept wincing and gasping, which had her very confused until she realized that Mistress Collette was scratching my leg with a fork at the same time, and Master Max was up to no good with the bottom of my other foot. Another memorable moment was Mistress Suzanne scratching me with a little tiny knife. Someone joked about blood on the table cloth, and i expressed that blood was a hard limit, whereupon she said “Well then you better stay absolutely still, then.” Eek!

Things would relax a little as each course was served and everyone was busy eating (including me, in baby bird style, thanks to my Master and Master R) only to pick up again as the plates were cleared and the next course was being prepared. i was terrified when the sorbet course came out, but the room was warm enough that the little dabs of sorbet on my nipples and pussy were a welcome relief – particularly when my Master and Mistress Suzanne took turns cleaning it off my nipples!

As we finished the savory courses and headed into dessert, my Master decided i had had enough. Hopped up on endorphins, buzzing from the attention, and all of a sudden feeling self conscious, i was helped down from the table. i knelt next to Him, kissing Him and putting my head into His lap, needing to be close to Him, needing to touch Him. i ate my dessert from His spoon as He fed me as i knelt there beside Him.

If you’ve read the fantasy i wrote, then you’ll know that this reality is much different than that fantasy. My (our) fantasies are frequently darker than our realities or what we’d want our realities to be, and this was no exception. While it gave me a taste of the objectification i crave, it was also really fun and playful and joyful, and i felt like i had served my purpose well and made my Master happy, which is of course, the thing i wanted most of all.


  1. Wow, I hear Sexy Sadist is the top in the business. Did you get a chance to do one of those infamous Ladomaine walks int he woods? I mean the ones were the sub is taken out naked and on a leash?

  2. omg, i fucking loved this post!

    i’ve always liked the idea of eating a meal off of a woman, teasing and playing our way through dinner.

    of course, my device of choice would be the ice out of my drink. hehehe

    (if you know of one of these places in So. Cal you’ve gotta let me know)

  3. HOT HOT HOT!!!! No other words for it.

  4. No walk in the woods, louie monkey-pest. Black fly season, and walks in the wood just don’t marry well with my Master’s predilection for me wearing 4-inch stilettos.

    Exile – thanks. If you know about one of these place in So. Cal you should let me know! We just stumbled across this one. And if you haven’t read it already, you should check out this post for the time my Master made me His table.

    Rose – thanks. My Master saw Your comment and emailed me to say that He agreed completely.

  5. […] submissive, she’d just spent her evening providing guests with great entertainment as the table centerpiece. The fun continued after dinner, when Mistress Suzanne asked if she could tie me up. As much of the […]

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