10 things that tell me i’m Yours

May 24, 2008

1. That for everything i do and think, i think “i wonder what Master will think about this.”
2. That just thinking about You lifts my heart and brightens my day
3. That i watch the clock, anticipating when You’ll be back in my day
4. That i notice other people differently – i notice their clothes, their shoes, their appearance – and i think about what You would think, and feel good, knowing You would be proud of me for noticing
5. That i get wet just from You telling me too.
6. That every time my phone rings or my inbox has new mail, i hope it’s You
7. That i’m so eager to please You, and so happy when i do
8. That the slightest touch from You thrills me and fulfills me
9. That i obey You, even when it’s hard
10. That my love for You just fills me up and infuses everything with beauty (and a little bit of pain too, but mostly just beauty)

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