First Night

May 23, 2008

One of the nice things about our relationship is that my Master and i share much more than D/s. But it can also be one of the most challenging things about our relationship. Because there we were, in an environment where me sitting on the floor at His feet would not only be accepted, but perhaps even expected, and He wanted me up at the table with Him, so that I could be more a part of the conversation.

i lasted about half the meal, sitting in a chair next to Him. But then, just as earlier that day i’d needed to be contained, to have my wrists chained to my collar, i needed to be down. i needed to be where i could rest my head on His leg, where i could look up at my Master and feel Him looking down at me. And as it turned out, it was perfectly acceptable for slaves to participate in conversation from the floor, so that all worked out.

Speaking of slaves, our meal was served by the lovely slave riddle, who was wearing a lovely lovely fishnet body stocking that showed off her beautiful curves. Very lovely scenery. Head, the head slave and a Master-in-Training at the house, was mostly in the kitchen. We shared the table with Master R and Mistress Colette, our hosts at La Domaine.

One of the many things that made this visit as wonderful as it was was the food. My Master and I are both major foodies, and as luck would have it, so is Master R. We started with homemade duck liver pate, then followed that up with “Orange Cuban Mistress Chicken.” All excellent. I took my salad of fresh greens and local pea shoots down onto the floor to nibble, and was too full to eat more than a couple bites of dessert.

We chatted with our hosts, about food, about D/s, about our history and our relationship. We got to do something that we rarely get to do, which is to socialize with other people as a couple. And even beyond that, to socialize as a Master and submissive. It was wonderful.

Eventually we drifted back down to the dungeon, this time for more than photos. We wanted to try out the cross. Not just any Saint Andrew’s Cross, but one that could be tilted to every angle. Up i went, wrists and ankles cuffed to the cross, which was tilted nearly horizontal. i was fully supported, but felt like i was floating in mid air. And i felt very open and very exposed.

Surprisingly, with an entire dungeon full of toys to choose from, we mostly just used the ones we’d brought. Clothespins, like fire on my nipples, triggering my endorphins and sending me flying away on a tide of pain and pleasure. His hand and then the floggers on my cunt. Cunt spanking is something He does regularly, but this was different, more intense with my legs held wide and spread, with no way for me to resist or pull away. Then his mouth on my cunt, a rare treat.

Pulling me down from the cross and onto the couch, He fucked me right there. This is something else we rarely get to do – to scene in a setting that’s meant for it, but also to get to satisfy the passions it arouses immediately, instead of after a long drive back to the hotel. Sure, we can flog and fuck in a hotel room, but it’s nice to have the fun furniture to play on.

Then back upstairs, to fall into bed and into each other, resting and relaxing, renewing and reconnecting, readying ourselves for another day of exploration, discovery, and fantasy fulfillment.


  1. omg, i would love to attend a dinner like this, my slave snuggling her head against my lap

  2. It was really wonderful to be able to be so naturally ourselves.

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