May 22, 2008
shoes and panties

Friday morning, Master and i got on our respective planes from our respective cities. His landed before mine, and after 6 long weeks, it was such a joy to see Him when i walked off the airplane i could barely contain myself. i wished i could drop to my knees in front of Him right then and there, but i had to settle for His arms wrapped around me and His lips on mine instead.

We picked up the rental car and headed off for the 1.5 hour drive to La Domaine, me happily wearing my cuffs and collar, my wrists clipped together, each passing mile seeing another shirt button unbuttoned, or my skirt hitched up to show more of my stockings. Although we’d both read through the website and my Master had been making plans with Master R all week long, we really went in with no expectations whatsoever. We had no idea what it would be like, or how our interaction would fit or not fit with theirs. But with no expectations, we couldn’t be disappointed. It would be an adventure and we would be on it together.

We got there a little earlier and they weren’t really ready for us yet. Which was fine, as we were happy to retreat to our room and each other, to renew and reconnect. After my Master used my mouth and my cunt i felt much more like the submissive slavegirl i am and want to be. While He was fucking me i was suddenly struck by the strongest desire to have my wrist cuffs bound to my collar. i confessed this to Him afterwards and He was kind enough to accommodate my request, clipping my wrists up to my neck.

By the time we were ready to leave the room, the Mistress of the house had emerged, so we met her and arranged for a tour of the dungeon. My bound wrists were just what i needed in this new and unknown environment. i felt so safe and contained and owned and protected and submissive as we explored the fabulously equipped space.

Inspired by some promising photo backdrops, we retrieved clothes and shoes from our room and had a fun pre-dinner photo session. Long before we knew we would be travelling to La Domaine, we had ordered 6 pairs of shoes to try out on the weekend. They arrived in an absolutely huge box. When the location of our visit changed, we ended up shipping the box across the country so we could have fun with them anyway. i also shipped a box of my own shoes and toys. All in all, we had 14(!) pairs of shoes to play with for our 48 hour visit. Excessive, perhaps, but you know what they say… nothing exceeds like excess.

For our first photo session, we played with my favorite schoolgirl skirt and the fabulous pair of red platforms pictured above and below. Click on the pictures to see bigger versions. i love how this first picture makes my legs look just impossibly long!


Next up… our first dinner at La Domaine, and playing on the cross.


  1. glad you both had fun i think you both definately deserved this!! šŸ™‚ xx I want more shoes now too!

  2. Oh, I’ve heard so many things about that place!! I’m anxiously awaiting your next post.

  3. Wow! You just have the best taste in shoes, also love your panties.

  4. Thanks, Sonya. Bra and panty set can be found here.

  5. So glad to hear that you had a great trip. Can’t wait to hear the rest!


  6. Oh my goodness those are some sexy shoes!

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