A love story

May 15, 2008

My relationship with my Master is not just about the pissing and spankings and the objectification and the shoe fucking. It’s also a love story. In many ways and on many levels. And to that end…

Dear Master:

i love that You are so incredibly smart.

i love that You are so handsome.

In particular, i love Your icy blue eyes and the contrast with Your dark hair. Divine.

i love Your childlike enthusiasm for things You care about.

i love that i can geek cooking minutia with You, and You a) take me seriously and b) don’t think it’s the slightest bit odd.

i love Your wit, and that You are the master of pithy.

i love You, always and completely. More than anything. Every day, in every way. With all of my heart.

Your wet, submissive and eager-to-please sub,

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