May 14, 2008

Recipe for a 1600+ hit day:

1. Be chosen as the “face” of Sugasm
2. Put your Sugasm submission in the NSFW category (which always gets more hits than the BDSM/Fetish category – people do love their pr0n)
3. Get Fleshbotted.

All on the same day!

Thanks, Fleshbot and Sugasm for highlighting my little corner of the sexblogosphere. And thanks and welcome to new readers – please come in, make yourselves comfortable, maybe even make a comment.

Oh, and speaking of comments… Actual stats for yesterday: 1,058 unique visitors, 1,670 hits, and 2 comments. Neither of which was from a new reader. We bloggers love comments like the Internet loves pr0n, so make a blogger smile and drop a little line from time to time as you meander across the net.

And speaking of pr0n, let’s celebrate with another pretty picture.



  1. Wow! I just love those shoes.

  2. Thanks Sonya! i do too.

    There are a bunch more pictures of them that are even better:

  3. Mmm – that really is a pretty picture (mind you, all of your pictures are!). Congrats on the Fleshbotting, hon 🙂

    xx Dee

  4. Oh that is just fabulous…I want that many hits in a day…so looking into it.

    Lady Evyl

  5. Beautiful picture! You’ve great taste in shoes, and you make them look great!

  6. Sheen V – my Master has excellent taste in shoes. i’m just the canvas he displays those pieces of art on.

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