Dinner at La Domaine

May 11, 2008

My Master and i are very very intrigued by a La Domaine Esemar (“the world’s oldest SM training chateau”). Very, very intrigued, and we’re hoping to actually manage to visit some day. But in the meantime, my Master told me to write up a fantasy about my role in a dinner party there. Please note: i expect that some of the activities in this story might not technically be legal at such a place, but hey, it’s my fantasy, i can ignore the law!


We arrive at La Domaine on Friday. You start me off slow – during Friday’s dinner i eat with the rest of You, sitting on the floor at Your feet, You feeding me from Your fingers or putting a bowl or plate down for me to lap like a dog or a cat. i carefully observe the house slaves as they serve the meal, so i will know what to expect the next day, although i know my role will be different. i listen in to the conversation that is mostly going on around me and above me, that doesn’t include the slavegirl on the floor at her Master’s feet.

Saturday’s dinner draws near and You select what You want me to wear. Fortunately it is a warm summer evening, because i have only a lacy bra and g-string to cover me, and stiletto heels on my feet, of course.

As the guests arrive i am stationed by the door, kneeling. As each guest enters they pause in front of me, and i thank them for attending and kiss their shoes. When all the guests have arrived and while cocktails are being served and hors d’oeuvre circulated, i am stripped of my clothes and ordered to stand in the middle of the room. While everyone watches (or doesn’t watch, as they so desire) one of the Masters from La Domaine begins tying a rope harness around my body, between my legs and around my breasts, securing my arms behind my back. i am secured to a hook in the ceiling above me, then blindfolded.

Conversation continues around me, and from time to time i feel a hand reach out to touch me, pinching my nipples, spreading my legs and inspecting my asshole or cunt. i moan, and things intensify even more, and i cry out a little as clothespins are pinned to different parts of my body. i give a flinch and inhale sharply at the sharp crack of a riding crop.

Soon enough one of the Master’s announces that dinner is to be served, and the guests all move to the table. One of the house slaves unhooks me from the ceiling and removes all of bondage. i dress again in the pretty lingerie, and am sent to serve under the table. i kneel next to You first, laying my cheek against Your leg, feeling Your hand gently stroking my hair, cherishing the comfort and familiarity that is You in this sea of new experiences. But then You ask the lady to the right of You how i may be of service, and things begin again.

i move underneath the table, rubbing feet, sucking toes, spreading my legs for shoes to penetrate my hole, licking clits, taking cocks deep within my mouth. And all around me conversation goes on, only sometimes acknowledging my presence with a comment on my prowess (or lack thereof) or a request to “pass the slavegirl, please.”

Dinner ends, and guests retire to the sitting room for tea or coffee. i, however, retire to the bathroom and kneel in the tub. A small but noticeable sign reads “piss slut available for use” and as the evening winds up, one by one all the guests pass through the bathroom. Some take pity on me and use the regular facilities, but others take great pleasure in my humiliation, covering my face, hair and body with piss, or forcing me to open my mouth and take all i can that way. For the women, i lie on the tub as they squat overtop of me, and then i carefully lick their shoes clean of piss before they leave the bathroom.

It seems like forever until the last guests leave and You come into the bathroom to tell me that my service is finished. You strip off Your own clothes, turn on the hot water, and join me in the bathtub, washing my face and body and my hair, telling me what i a good girl i have been, what a good submissive i have been. You curl Yourself around me as the tears come and come and finally i am spent. You dry me off and wrap me up and take me upstairs to the guest room. You make love to me, and then hold me as i drift off to sleep.


  1. […] when i wrote up my fantasy post Dinner at La Domaine i really had no idea that a week later i’d be, well, having dinner at La Domaine. Although […]

  2. […] when i wrote up my fantasy post Dinner at La Domaine i really had no idea that a week later i’d be, well, having dinner at La Domaine. Although […]

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