May 3, 2008

i wish i lived in a world where i could wake up every morning tied at the foot of Your bed, wearing my cuffs and collar. Where You would pick out my clothes and shoes according to your preferences for the day. Where all i would need to be concerned about would be pleasing You, and living up to Your expectations for me.

i would like to always be at Your side, or close by, ready to serve You whenever You needed me, whether that meant kneeling between Your legs and sucking Your cock, or leaning over and lifting my skirt so that You could slide Your cock straight into my wet submissive cunt. Or submitting as You spanked me or flogged me, scratched me or pinned me. Whatever piece of pleasure or pain You wanted and needed at that time.

i would like to be Your serving girl and entertainment when You had guests visit. Sometimes that might be typical hostess things, like getting them food and drinks and chatting amenably. Other times it might mean letting them touch me or use me, as a receptacle for their come or piss, as You so desired.

One comment

  1. WOW you are not a easy find! Many like myself have searched for years for someone like yourself!

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