Property on display

May 2, 2008

i blindfolded myself and began as You told me, rubbing my nipples. i imagined walking down the halls of a hotel with You, holding my skirt up above my ass. i imagined You commanding me to assume various positions – to kneel, to present my ass, to show my bra. i imagined someone complimenting You on Your property, and You thanking them and asking if they wanted to borrow the use of me for a little while. i was getting very aroused thinking about these things.

Next i took two clothespins and put them on my nipples. My tender nipples, which hurt quite a bit at the bite of the clothespins. i took a shoe from the drawer and smelled and licked it and sucked the heel as i played with my clit a little bit. Still fantasizing, now about being on display at one side of a big playroom, following Your instructions to reveal different parts of my body, listening to people talking about me like i wasn’t there. Hands reaching out to touch and pinch my nipples, to spread my ass cheeks and inspect me.

i slid the toe of the shoes between my legs and used it to rub my clit as i tugged on the clothespins on my nipples and continued to fantasize. The scene i kept coming back to was just that moment of You casually offering me up to another for use.

Without being able to do anything penetrative i wasn’t getting anywhere with the shoe. So i switched to rubbing my clit with a finger. i popped off one of the clothespins and massaged the blood back into my nipple, pain and pleasure mingling and an orgasm rising. i felt myself grow closer and closer as i thought about performing and being on display, and when i was right on the edge i pulled off the other clothespin. As i rubbed it to pain and pleasure it combined with the sensations in my clit and then i was calling out to You for permission before an orgasm rocked through me.

Thank You, Sir.

i cleaned up, then knelt for You, thinking about how close i feel to You right now. How at peace with my submission. i thought about how close Your next visit is, just two weeks now, and looked forward to the opportunity to serve You in person and show You my appreciation and gratitude to You. Then i kissed Your bracelet and went to sleep.

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