On the bottom (part 2)

April 22, 2008

Part one is here.


Saturday night we went off to a play party, arriving late with the party in full swing around us. We camped out by a cross, and when it came free, my Master bound me to it. i hadn’t been in the position long before i had to beg Him to please let me take off the 4-inch stiletto heels i was wearing – being bound on the cross the balls of my feet were taking the full force of my weight, and it was the wrong kind of pain, the kind of pain that would keep me from going where He wanted me and where i needed to be.

He began with the heavy suede flogger, and when my skin was nice and warmed up, switched to a light rubber flogger. Usually this flogger doesn’t make much of an impression on me, but that night He was catching my ass expertly with just the tips, and i began wondering if there was a new toy in the bag i didn’t know about. But i had no question of that when the next toy came out, a red sort of plastic kind of flogger that is all sting, and that i have become inordinately fond of (i used to think i preferred thud).

Then He pulled out the riding crop, and i really started writhing and arching away from the cross as best i could. And yelping. Out came the (damned) ball gag, never my favorite. This time was especially difficult, as i’d had dental work recently and the gag was really making my jaw sore. i started panicking a bit, worried that i wouldn’t be able to tell Him if something went wrong, and the pain in my jaw (like the shoes earlier) was preventing me from going deep. i twisted around and pleaded and begged with my eyes and in grunts from behind the gag, and He took it off for me. (Thank You, Master.) Then He began to really work on my ass with the crop again, using the whole length of it, not just the flap on the end. And that’s when i got to the point where all i could think about was breathing.

i’m stuck in my head a lot, and this kind of scene is one of the few things that can get me out of it. Master says He saw me go, and i wonder what that looks like from His side. i remembering yelping and arching and Him telling me three more strokes and He’d be done. i took the three more, and both wanted more and was glad He was done, which probably means it was indeed the right time to stop. He took me off the cross and walked me over to a chair, where i curled in on myself while He got me some water, then sat on His lap curling into Him until i could open my eyes and see the world again.

God, i needed that.


The standing position of the cross meant that His strokes were mostly going on the upper part of my ass. Usually i’m in a kneeling position and He focuses on the so-called “sweet spot” where ass meets thighs. (“Sweet”, my ass – that spot HURTS!) So when i knelt on the bed on Sunday for Him to take a picture after the marks had come out in full, He noticed that there was still this whole blank canvas on the bottom half, and i got my third lovely spanking of the weekend. (Thank You, Sir.)

The darkest of the marks lasted for over a week. The last couple of times we’d been together i’d been disappointed not to have marks and a sore bottom as reminders afterwards. But for whatever reason – the music, the crowd, the energy, the furniture? – we tend to play much heavier at parties than when it’s just the two of us. i don’t know, but i was glad His visit coincided with a play party, and i know He was too.


  1. Goodness that looks painful! But, you obviously enjoyed the hell out of it so what else is there to say…what a marking! 😉

  2. i think it was actually less painful than it looks. i was really surprised when i saw that big deep bruise in the mirror the next day!

  3. Beautiful – I’m so glad that you and your master got in some serious playtime. It sounds like you needed it! Lovely pictures, as always – your ass is even more lovely all marked up, even more so with your pussy peeking out!

    BTW – congrats on being the face…or would that be the ass…of sugasm this week!

  4. OMG the shoes are gorgeous but I really could imagine the uncomfortableness you must have experienced during your play in them – OUCH! Nice markings 🙂

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