Fetish Friday – Shoes

April 12, 2008
shoe fetish

It always surprises me a little when coworkers or neighbors or friends will comment on my large (and growing) array of (mostly high heeled) shoes, usually with a little joke about my “shoe fetish.” It surprises me because a year ago, i owned 2 or 3 pairs of shoes, none with a heel over 2 inches. i bought shoes to be comfortable and functional, and that was as much thought as i gave them.

Enter my Master, who really does have a shoe fetish. One which He has so kindly given to me. For a long time i didn’t adopt it as my own at all, which is why it was such a surprise when i’d get those “shoe fetish” comments – i didn’t have a shoe fetish, He did, and i was merely the canvas on which He expressed it.

But today, as i put away my latest acquisition – an adorable pair of gradient-tone pink pumps that are the 20th pair of shoes acquired since i became my Master’s property – i had to face up to my own place in shoe fetish land. i’ve been begging Him for a pair (or two) of pink shoes for weeks. Lusting after them, really.

And then the other day, i was walking around the grocery store, and got to wondering why all of a sudden i was feeling really sexy and a little aroused, and then i figured it out – it was the click of my own heels, the way they clicked “slut, slut, slut” as i walked, reminding me of my place and my role.

And of the shoes’ place and role. Because, as readers of my previous shoe slut posts will note, they don’t only stay on my feet. My Master picks out a pair for me to wear every time He fucks me, so we both have something pretty to look at when my legs are up over His shoulders and He’s slamming His cock deep into my cunt. New shoes that haven’t been worn outside yet end up shoved deep into my mouth, gagging me with beauty and elegant lines. Once they’re a little more worn, i’m limited to licking the tops, which i do with relish. The flicker of my tongue on a pair of patent or leather shoes is somehow linked to my cunt, and i feel the rhythm in my clit with every lick. And then there are my fucking shoes. That what we call the pair that are set aside for those times when i am not just my Master’s slut, but His shoe-fucking slut. i can truthfully say that i’ve never looked at pointy-toe shoes the same since the first time He told me just where He intended them to go.


And now, i suspect you won’t be able to either.

It’s Fetish Friday – what’s your shoe story? Do you have a shoe fetish too? Like them on others, but can’t wear them yourself? Think they’re just a tool of the patriarchy, and wish they weren’t so damn sexy? Tell all, readers.


  1. OMG – that first comment is weird. Personally, I am happy to be a brash, rebellious type 🙂

    Anyhow – I was going to comment on your post, and then I got distracted! Such beautiful shoes you have there! And that first photo is gorgeous 🙂

    xx Dee

  2. I love this post and included pics – i’m so jealous of your shoe collection – just amazing!!

  3. Thanks, a.w.s! The ones in the picture are a small piece of the overall – just the 7 pairs i brought for a 3-day visit!

  4. Oh you have some gorgeous shoes! I’m envious! I love beautiful shoes – I think I own around 40-50 pairs of shoes and maybe a third of those are fancy fuckme heels! There’s nothing like a beautiful heel on the end of a gorgeous leg to make you feel sexy.

  5. Do you find wearing them painful? That’s something I don’t see/hear much about. Sexy as they appear, as a non-heel wearing person, I find them so uncomfortable that it could only be an act of submission or punishment to wear them… Is that just me? Are my feet oversensitive? How is it that every woman in my building seems to be wearing 3″ heels and walking without limping?

  6. That first photograph is just STUNNING. So beautiful.

  7. Beautiful shoes, beautiful photos.

    Penny, I used to feel that way, too. I hated wearing heels because they were so uncomfortable. I started buying them recently for, um, special occasions… and realized that it is possible to find shoes that are high, sexy, and fairly comfortable. Just takes a bit of looking around. Worth it… although, admittedly, I wear flats to work most often.

  8. Penny, i used to feel the same way. “i could never walk in those!”

    In the couple weeks between when my Master and i started discussing this in email and us actually having the visit where He collared me, i spent 10 or 20 minutes every night just walking around my bedroom in the shoes to practice, and eventually i got good at it.

    As Marianne says, there are definitely some that are very comfortable, you just have to look. i have one pair of 4-inch stilettos that are so comfortable i actually crave wearing them! And i work at a desk job, so it’s not like i’m standing all day. It’s not a big deal to kick off my pretty shoes under my desk if i need break – heck, i used to do that even when i wore sneakers every day!

    But i’d be lying if i didn’t say that sometimes my feet do hurt. But i don’t mind suffering for beauty where my Master is concerned, and He is so pleased with me when i wear the shoes that He likes that i have a lot of positive reinforcement to keep doing it…

    And while stilettos are His favorite, He likes all kinds of pretty fashionable shoes, so when we’re out shopping or something i’m usually wearing 2.5 inch chunky heels, and those are pretty easy to wear.

    And that was probably way more than anyone wanted to know, LOL.

  9. Got to agree with everyone else, that first pic just blows me away. Definitely will have to get a pic of Thursday in a pair like those.

  10. I agree with the others…. the pics are lovely. Was always one for practical shoes myself, but over the past year have developed a penchant for pointy toed heels…..a slowly emerging shoe lust, really— a funny want when I see something pretty and patent and high….. I love what you said about the click of the heels (“slut. slut. slut.”)

  11. little a – i know just what you mean. i got my first few pairs of stilettos because i knew my Master would like them. But then i’d try to go shopping for comfortable shoes and flats, and nothing would look at all appealing to me if it didn’t have a heel…

  12. That pretty much sums up why i have a fetish for women’s shoes too!!

  13. I think I have a pair of those pink gradient high heels. I feel in love with them and couldn’t imagine not having them in my life.

  14. i love pretty high heels but i feel like such a dork in them. i’m not really a “girly” girl…more the combat boots type then the high heels. i wish i felt more comfortable in them…and i wish i didn’t look like a dancing hippo in then…you have really beautiful lines to photograph btw…


  15. I love my boots. Cavalry boots with chains on them, and the chink of the chains with every step I take makes me feel so sexy and reminds me of my dominance. I always have an extra swish in my hips when I wear them.

    Then there’s my fetish boots. But they don’t come out much, for obvious reasons. 😉


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