On the bottom (part 1)

April 11, 2008

Ah, such a pristine bottom. But it didn’t stay pristine for long this visit. Friday night found me saying “i’m so glad You remembered that You like to hurt me today.” While we touch on lots of the letters in the BDSM alphabet, my Master is not particularly a sadist. So hurting me isn’t necessarily the driving force and need for Him that it is for some other Doms. It’s not uncommon for us to get to Saturday (having busied ourselves with other means of my showing Him my submission) before the toys come out. But while He may not be a sadist, He is a self-proclaimed response junkie, and this weekend He indulged Himself in the responses He could get by the thoughtful and enthusiastic administration of toys and hands.

It didn’t take long on Friday before i was breathing deeply and fighting to keep my legs closed as my Master spanked my cunt. After each smack, He would tell me to beg for another, and i would, begging Him to hurt me again, begging Him to hurt me harder. Licking His hand so it would hurt more when He hit me. Spreading my cunt lips so that He could bring His hand down right on my clit. Over and over.

Later, He was fucking me, my legs up over His shoulder, and He reached into the drawer and pulled out the clothespins, clipping one onto a nipple and more onto my breast around it. Flicking them as He fucked me wasn’t enough, and He reached back into the drawer and pulled out the riding crop. He brought it to my face and had me kiss it, used it on my ass, my breasts, and even my clit, all the while continuing to fuck me. Pulling off the clothespins, He rubbed the blood back into them (and the pain that comes with it) as He came inside of me.

But it wasn’t until Saturday night when i got the hard beating i had been so needing and craving, the one that turns me into a quivering heap of submissive goo. For while He is not a sadist, i am something of a masochist. (And maybe a little sadistic as well, because now i’m going to make You all wait for the next part.)

One comment

  1. while this one doesn’t really think of herself as a masochist, and doesn’t enjoy a beating, she does, however, very much enjoy when her Jarl takes His hand to her bottom and to her heat. there is something intensely erotic about being spanked by the One who owns you.

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