Teasing out my submission

April 8, 2008

We had a lovely weekend! Took lots of pictures, so i’ll be posting those with my tales.

As some of my posts from before His visit indicated, i’ve been struggling a bit lately. We both have. But spending time together definitely helped us feel reconnected. And as much as i’d been feeling very disconnected from my submission before His visit, something happened on Friday that reminded me that i have internalized it, even when i’m not necessarily feeling it.

We spent most of Friday in bed. Fucking and sucking to be sure, but also just snoozing (we both desperately needed naps) and cuddling. At one point i found myself between my Master’s legs, licking His cock and balls, then bobbing my head up and down His shaft, with my hands toying with His nipples. He has the most teeny-tiny nipples i’ve ever experience on a grown man, but they are incredibly sensitive, and get rock hard with the slightest touch. So fun to play with!

My actions were very much in the teasing and tormenting kind of vein – taking my time, building up the sensations, increasing the pace and then backing off. And in the midst of all that i realized that something was different. Although i’m submissive in this relationship, i’m really a switch. i’ve topped my share of bottoms, and usually i find this kind of sexual teasing pushes my mental “Top” buttons. But this time was different. The actions were the same, but my intent was different. i was very much in tune with my Master’s reactions, and my focus was entirely on enhancing His pleasure through my actions, not getting myself off (mentally) through taking control of the situation. i was acting and feeling inherently submissive, and it came without any effort at all – it was just natural, because of who i am and who He is and all that that means.

Realizing this put me in a wonderful place to start the weekend, quieting some of those fears and doubts that were lingering in my mind. And in any case, it certainly wasn’t long before my legs were up over His shoulders and there was no question of who was on top anymore…


  1. Have just stumbled upon your blog and i must say i am loving hearing about your long distance relationship with your Master.

  2. sweet lyn,

    Not only are you reconnected (and thank you for that lovely picture… shoes are divine! as are the other “parts”) but it sounds as though you’ve grown quite a bit through the wilderness period between visits.

    A pleasure to follow, ty.


  3. Oh I’m so glad your weekend offered a great reconnection! and that pic is HOT! Your Master IS a great photographer…and that outfit is fabulous, especially the heels. 🙂

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