Counting the days

April 4, 2008

It’s 15 days until i see You again, and i’m thinking about kissing You and kissing You and kissing You. My cold meant we didn’t do nearly enough of that last time.

It’s 14 days until i see You again, and i’m looking forward to You fucking me, shoving Your cock deep inside of me again and again.

It’s 13 days until i see You again, and i’m looking forward to sitting at Your feet, leaning my head against Your leg, enjoying the feeling of Your hand in my hair every once in a while.

it’s 12 days until i see You again, and i am thinking about punishment.

It’s 11 days until i see You again, and i’m thinking about how wonderful it’s going to feel to give You my complete attention and focus for 3 whole days (well, minus a few hours Saturday night). i want very much to have nothing to think about but pleasing You.

It’s 10 days until i see You again, and i’m thinking about being bound while You flog me or pin me or otherwise do anything You need and want to do to me. Because while i am a pain slut and do like these activities for my own ends, i like them more because i know they fulfill a need for You, and i want to be able to fulfill all of Your needs.

It’s 9 days until i see You again, and i’m so excited to be down to single digits. i’m looking forward to touching every inch of You. And i’m thinking about being Your piss slut.

It’s 8 days until i see You again. i’m thinking about being Your mouth slut. i’m thinking about waking up in the morning to You pushing my face down to Your hard cock. i’m thinking about sucking it and licking it, feeling it hit the back of my throat, with one hand sliding on Your shaft while the other plays with Your balls.

Just a week! In just a week i’ll be seeing You. Will have already spent 12 hours with You, even. i’m thinking about how You smell. i’m thinking about how Your hair feels when i run my hands through it. i’m thinking about wanting to be completely wrapped up by You.

It’s 6 days until i see You again, and i’m thinking about reconnecting. Thinking about my need to just give myself over to You completely, to be taken and used and made to submit, reminded of my place. Reset and reconnected. i want it desperately.

It’s 5 days until i see You again, and i’m thinking about helping You relax. i’m thinking about being non-demanding. i’m thinking about serving You. i’m thinking about curling up with You so You can nap, even if i’m not able to myself. i’m thinking about being Your obedient and devoted slavegirl who loves You most of anything in the world.

It’s 4 days until i see You again. i can’t wait. i’m looking forward to going shopping with You, and trying on fun skirts and shoes for You to appreciate.

It’s 3 days until i see You again, and i’m beginning to get overwhelmed by all the things i need to do between now and then. But i also want to continue to build on the renewed feeling of being owned (submissive, wet and eager-to-please) from today. i’m thinking ahead to the weekend and my opportunity to demonstrate that eagerness to You in every way i can.

It’s 2 days until i see You, and i’m thinking about Your cock in my mouth.

It’s 1 day until i see You again, and i’m thinking about You spanking my cunt, which i love and hate all at the same time.


  1. Spanking: not just for asses anymore!

    I like a little spank to my cunt too, but sometimes it’s hard to get to do properly by one’s self. Hmmmm….good thing you have a Master to help you out!

  2. Lyn,

    I can 100% get where you are coming from with this post! I read it and all I hear and see is me. I know how hard it can be to have to wait to see Him. And yet at the same time it’s so exciting and you can’t wait. And then it’s over all too quickly and you’re back to waiting again. (Well that’s how it was for me anyway).

    I maintained a long-distance relationship with Master for close to 5 and a half years before we could finally move in together. And what a wonderful 5 or so weeks it’s been so far.

    I’m thinking of you…knowing how hard it can be to be apart form the one you love and adore.

    Now I’m off to read some more!


  3. Rae – cunt spanking was one of the first things my Master did to me – i’d never experienced it before that, and it certainly established things quite clearly! And yes – very difficult to do effectively to oneself.

    Lucy – hello, and welcome. 5 1/2 years – very impressive! Hearing things like that always gives us hope for long term sustainability…

  4. Nice technique using a countdown to shape the post.

  5. i hope you have a wonderful visit with your master. i’m sure that renewed connection will be SO great for both of you.



  6. These wonderful count-down posts of yours always make me smile 🙂

    Reset and reconnected – that’s something I crave as well. Isn’t it wonderful?

    Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

    xx Dee

  7. Hi Vixen – it’s not just a technique for shaping the post… i was assigned to send Him an email every night before bed counting down the days, and then told to collect them up here. It’s a semi-regular pre-visit thing for us. i’m very happy to report that this time, i didn’t forget a single day (although there were a couple of days where I had to come downstairs and get back on the computer after going up to bed).

    slave2js and Dee – thanks for the kind words. It was a lovely visit, and i do feel mostly reset and reconnected.

  8. such sweet anticipation. enjoy the reunion…can’t wat to hear all about the spankings and more!

    xx, m

  9. congrats on being featured in sexoteric. ‘course i read this long before you were on there. they seem to have a terrible delay!

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