Periods and pinning

March 31, 2008

i went upstairs and took a nice hot bath. My period was still being odd – no real blood yet, just rusty mucus still. Cramps on and off all day. Annoying.

i got into bed and knelt for You, thinking about the period problem, knowing i needed to have a certain kind of orgasm to help it along, but also keeping in mind Your instructions to masturbate submissively.

So i rolled onto my back and started playing with my nipples. They’re sensitive right now – erotically, but also just a little sore when played with. So i knew it was really going to hurt when i put the clothespins on them, and i was right.

One clothespin on each nipple. i breathed deeply, breathed through the pain and sensation, imagining that it was You there, putting those clothepins on me, watching my every reaction so closely.

i took my vibrator out of the drawer and put it on my clit. i ran it briefly, just until i felt the climb to orgasm begin, and then shut it off. i reached and tugged and played with the clips, remembering our scene in Seattle – chained to the chain link fence as You pinned me.

i ran the vibrator on my clit again, again stopping before i came.

Tugged and played with the clothespins again, remembering You pinning me as i sat on the corner of the pool table at the club in Detroit. Remembering the first time you really tried out the clothespins and found out just how much fun they could be.

The sensation from the pins had dulled down as i put the vibrator to my clit again. This time, when orgasm approached, i let it, begging You for permission to give You my orgasm, then snatching both clothespins off at once. i rubbed and pulled on the tender nubs as the blood rushed back into them, riding the mix of pain and pleasure as orgasm overtook me.

i knelt again, thanking You, then kissing Your bracelet and drifting off into a deep sleep.

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