Fetish Friday – Hypnosis

March 28, 2008

This is a new one for me. Master and i got to talking about it recently, and both agreed that it’s full of erotic D/s possibility. First off, it’s about the clearest indication of trust i can think of, and perfect example of power exchange, for a submissive to let her Dom really take her mind like that. And second, the opportunities for post-hypnotic suggestion are fascinating, and help extend the scene past the actual time of hypnosis (which, as my Master pointed out to me, i wouldn’t actually remember afterwards).

As i was thinking about writing this post, i got to thinking about submissives who have been trained to come on command, and thinking that it makes sense to think about that as a form of post-hypnotic suggestion. Some of it is simple conditioning (ring bell, dog salivates), but the deep trust and closeness between and a Dominant and submissive could be equivalent to a hypnotic state even if it wasn’t intended as such. And, if the Dom suggested that she come when He counted down from 10 (for example), then her body and mind might respond as if it were an actual post-hypnotic suggestion.

In any case, fascinating stuff! If you want to learn more, i’ve heard good things about this book from Peter Masters (who also wrote The Control Book, which i was utterly fascinated by when i was discovering my submissive nature).

Anyone out there been involved in hypnosis in a sexual or D/s context? Anyone else fantasizing about it?


  1. crystalline raises her hand and says “i have”.

    Having only been on the receiving end of the hypnotic suggestion and not much at that, i can’t comment a whole lot except to agree that the suggestions do extend past the scene and they do open the door for behavioral changes of many types. Using hypnotic suggestion speeds up the learning curve (or the training curve). Sometimes i remember things and sometimes i don’t. It depends upon what i have been told. It feels a lot like a very deep subspace and we all know how open and vulnerable we are then :). i actually cry when Master begins to bring me out but then awaken so refreshed.

    i like Peter Masters too…. The Control Book is so very interesting, isn’t it?

  2. The hypnosis opens the doors but its the Dom/Domme who guide you through. It certainly can be both an intense and erotic experience for subs & slaves open to it. I use it as a tool with crys, which truly does facilitate our long didstance D/s relationship. But it is merely a tool, much as a whip or crop. To be weilded by a responsible and capable hand for the best results. It certainly does allow for some wonderful benefits as crys can attest and I don’t always use hypnosis during our sessions. But if you are reading my slut’s blog you certainly have a window into what is possible through its use (and keep in mind we’ve only just begun to explore πŸ˜‰

    I’d be more than happy to chat further about my experience with hypnosis and subs and slaves and crys can tell you how to get in touch.

    Be Well. Master Kd

  3. You should check out http://www.mcstories.com/

  4. I’ve experienced this too. I dont think i have yet as experienced it as deeply as I could but enough to implant a trigger in me that everytime he says a certain trigger word or clicks his fingers I will have an orgasm (even from cold and if he’s not here – handy when he’s 200 miles away! lol)

    Though…he also put a trigger in me that i CAN’t orgasm without him doing this. No matter how hard I try i just can’t do it.

    It’s still something we’re exploring with. Not quite sure how he managed to embed this in me, though sort of a combination of intense play and suggestion and initially telling me whilst playing with me that i would orgasm when he counted 10 down to zero and then after a few sessions he changed the zero and the counting for a word. Electrotherapy had some part as well!

    We played recently and he started the counting again and honestly as it gets nearer to the 0 i can feel the pressure rising, and sometimes, he doesnt go that far and starts again. It’s pretty intense!

    I dont totally understand some of the things that he has put in my mind, but then , it works so i’m not complaining! xx

    you might like some of the articles by these guys :-


  5. hi, nice blog, i stumpled on your blog, and will be back xx

  6. I’ve been casually reading http://bdsmhypnosis.blogspot.com/ You might find it interesting πŸ™‚

  7. Can everyone be hypnotised? Just curious!

  8. Thanks everyone for all the links! Now i just need to get permission to follow them…

    Naughty Girl – i have no idea if everyone can be or not. But the little bit of reading i’ve done says that willingness and motivation is key – and since i’m very motivated to please my Master, that certainly couldn’t hurt if He ever wanted to try it with me.

    thisgirl – i’m so orgasmically deficient i can’t even imagine what it would be like to have a trigger like that. Wow.

  9. well…so was I beforehand. the first time I ever played with my Dom I said to him “you won’t make me cum’ and he did. And then…gradually…he has turned someone who orgasmed very very rarely to someone who will do it whenever he wants. It makes sex interesting πŸ˜‰

  10. Naughty Girl, about 85%-90% of the population can be hypnotized if they give it an honest effort and trust the hypnotist and circumstances. Trust is really the key for without it you cannot relax enough to let your mind go. Those that cannot be hypnotized typically have some unresolved trust issues. But if you are motivated to try it, more than likely you will succeed in being hypnotized.

    I’ve had very good success over the 25+ years I’ve been hypnoizing people. In my experience women tend to be more trusting then men and submissives the most trusting of all.

    So I’m not going out on a limb to say, hypnosis will work for you. But before you try it I suggest you know your the answers to the following question: 1) What do you want to get out of the hypnosis? Erotic fun, behavior modification (stop smoking, loose weight, improved self esteem, etc.); 2) is the potential hypnotist reputible and do you trust him/her and feel comfortable with them?; 3)Would you feel more comfortable being hypnotized in person or online? Online hypnosis can be every bit as effective as being hypnotized in person. Remaining comfortable and open are the keys to success and many people feel more so in their own homes. All that is required is a cam and headset and voice chat program like Yahoo, MSN or Skype.

    Best Wishes,
    Master Kd

  11. Erotic hypnosis is a wonderful addition to a D/s relationship, in My opinion (Actually, luvbunny and I started with hypnosis long before We really found out about D/s). In general, everyone goes through a hypnotic state twice a day – waking up and going to sleep – the difference here would be that the hypnotist or Dom/me would be guiding you.
    As long as you have had an orgasm at some point in your life, from My experience, I would say that there is a very good chance your Dom could bring that memory out and use it to make it easier for you to orgasm again – possibly even on command with a bit of patience and effort.
    I find with luvbunny, she will remember what happened better than 90% of the time – unless I suggest that she won’t. ^_^
    (btw – it’s even possible to hypnotize someone using text chat – voice is NOT required. ^_^)
    Good luck to you both if you decide to venture into hypnosis.

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