Fetish Friday: Ojectification

March 21, 2008

Master and i talk about objectification a lot. It’s a common component of our shared fantasies, and takes a couple of different forms. There’s the objectification expressed by the picture above – taking a person and making them take the place of a physical object (in this case, a table). We’ve talked about me being the centerpiece of His dining table (anyone know where to get butt plug candles?). Deity had a great post sometime in the not-to-distant past with tons of pictures of women as furniture.

Then there’s another level of objectification. Where the submissive is still a person, just one whose purpose is simply to be used, in whatever manner someone might wish to make use of her. That’s a component of most D/s, i think, but is different in a relationship, where such acts can be constructed by the sub as directly serving her Master.

The kind of objectification that really gets my juices flowing is objectification by strangers. i first came across this idea when reading Jefferson‘s “Postcards from Sex Camp” – tales from Dark Odyssey‘s summer camp (i really want to go someday!). One of the locations at sex camp was the “objectification room” – a room with 5 cots, each with a woman on it, obscured from the waist up, naked from the waist down. And a sign on each specifying what acts were permissible with this body. If you follow the link above to “Postcards” you can search “object lesson” to read about his experience in that room.

Reading it, i experienced that potent mix of horror and fascination, titillation and apprehension. And ever since i read it, i haven’t been able to get the idea of being one of those women out of my mind. If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you won’t be surprised, as it shows up (in a variety of different forms) rather frequently in the fantasies Master has me post. It’s second only to my piss slut fantasies in the power to turn me on and make me come. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), unlike my piss slut training, it’s harder to make fantasy reality when it requires external participation. But maybe someday.

So – what about you? Do you think about objectification? Does it turn you on or squick you? (Or both?) Any experience you want to share?

One comment

  1. That is fascinating. Those are some of my absolutely favorite fantasies–my Dom and I have emailed those same pictures back and forth–and the SAME post of Jefferson’s got me so hot and bothered I couldn’t STAND it!

    I love the idea of objectification and I am excited (but scared) about being objectified in from of other people.

    Hm . . . not ready to write about personal experiences but I’ll think about that.

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