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March 5, 2008

i’m still recovering from being sick, but i’m back to work today, briefly. i dressed for the occasion, trying to make myself feel professional and productive after weeks in my pajamas – nice slacks, a button down shirt, a matching bra and panty set. And a pair of 4-inch stiletto heels. Which seemed kind of ridiculous for the sick person just back in the office, but as i walked down the hallway i realized something strange. They felt GREAT! It felt unbelievably wonderful to be wearing these sexy shoes. i like the way the made me walk, and the way they make my body feel.

A year ago, i owned one pair of shoes with any kind of heel, and they’d been stuffed in the back of the closet since time immemorial. You couldn’t have paid me to believe that in less than a year’s time i’d own more than a dozen pairs of heels, and that i’d be thrilled to pieces about it. (And i would have thought you absolutely insane if you told me all the parts of my body they’d be used on, but that is another story entirely…)

Submission is a life-changing experience, there’s no doubt about it.

One comment

  1. yes..a life changing experience. and when it involves shoes it is only that much better.

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