Best Dom Ever!

February 27, 2008

i am the luckiest sub ever there was, truly i am.

My Master is away this week. And by away, i mean really away. No phone, no net. In short, no contact at all, for over a week.

This might not seem like a big deal, until you realize that a day in which we only exchange 40 emails and only talk on the phone once is a light day. We’ve known this trip was coming, and i’ve been really dreading it, but preparing myself to make my way through an oh-so-lonely week.

So imagine my surprise when i woke up this morning to an email from my Master! And a couple of hours later, another one. Then a couple of text messages. And more email. He’s set something up to send me notes and instructions that He pre-wrote for me. (Edited to add: the site he used is Letter Me Later.) This is incredibly thoughtful and sweet and makes me feel very cherished and submissive and like the luckiest girl in the world. Especially since my Master was quite sick last week, because i infected him with the flu when He was visiting me, so He was probably setting all of it up between fever-induced naps.

He told me before that we were going to use this trip to deepen my submission to Him. And in one of His emails to me today, He asked me to write back to Him, and tell Him how this week will make me a better submissive. i am going to spend my week remembering that i serve my Master even when He is nowhere near me and can’t contact me. i’m just now finally getting over my own illness, so it’s been over 2 weeks now since i’ve felt healthy enough to be able to fulfill all my daily rituals. i haven’t been going to work, so there’s been no clothes to photograph and email Him about – just the same pajama shirt and velour lounge pants. And most nights i was too sick to even think about kneeling. But now that i’m feeling better i’m looking forward to getting back into my place, knowing i can rely on my Master and my rules to guide me, even if it’s not in real time!


  1. aww thats so romantic! reminds me a bit of ‘ps i love you’ !

    know how you feel though…i would go ballistic if i couldn’t phone him at least five times a day!


  2. Awwww that’s lovely he’s taken the time to do that for you. It’s hard when you don’t have contact, very hard, hope you have a good week, looks like he’s keeping you busy 😉

  3. what a fantastic treat you have received. Hopefully it will make the week go by quicker for you both.

    i also love the assignment He has given you…what a beautiful way to reflect on your service to your Master.

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