You get what you need

February 18, 2008

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you just might find
You get what you need

My Master came to visit this weekend. And, as luck would have it, i was sick as the proverbial dog the entire time. Runny nose, really annoying hacking cough, fever, the works. Very sexy, as you might imagine (ie. not!). But we discovered fairly early on that sex – vaginal or oral – would make my cough go away. So there was a lot of that.

i love it when my Master fucks me. These days, that usually involves Him spreading my legs and shoving His cock into my pussy straight up to the hilt in one stroke. The feeling of that is so intense i can’t even begin to describe it, and it usually lasts for a few strokes before things loosen up a little. But until that happens i’m moaning and shaking and utterly incapable of answering the questions He seems to love to ask just then. It’s kind of like pain and a lot like pleasure, and well, just mmmm. We used to go through a lot of lube in our pre-D/s sex life. Now the lube bottle never even makes an appearance, yet somehow i’m always wet and ready for that single long slide in.

So yes, lots of very yummy sex. But, not wanting to stress my body out too much, extended bondage/discipline play was off the table for the weekend. On Sunday, i asked my Master if this meant i had to go into our next visit already at the count of 4, and He said that yes, that’s what that meant. So i shall have to be a very good submissive between now and then and not let it get higher! And then i opined to Him that it was really too bad i was sick, because i was sort of in the mood for a spanking.

Later, i tried to manipulate my way into one, posing on the bed in just my panties and bra, on my hands and knees, thinking He’d find it hard to resist my ass. But He was not taking that bait. Instead, He rolled me over so that i was lying on my back on top of him, then rubbed my clit until i was mewling helplessly. Then He sent me off to put on a proper pair of shoes for fucking (4-inch stilettos, of course) and a better bra (i had been wearing a Victoria’s Secret push up bra, and those things are armor plated). i ran off to obey, and when i got back into bed was rewarded with that long hard thrust into my cunt.

For a moment i lost myself in the sensation of Him pounding into me, but i came back to myself quickly when i felt the leather slapper on the end of the riding crop at my lips. “Kiss it,” He ordered me. “Beg me to use it on You.” i did, kissing and begging, and begging and kissing, but also thinking “But this wasn’t what i had in mind at all!” You see, i’d wanted a spanking. A nice over-the-knee, hand-on-ass spanking. Lots of thud and a nice easy rhythm. Kind of like a massage, just kinkier.

Instead, i got a rain of crop blows on my ass cheeks, on my upper back and on my breasts as my Master fucked me.

Because sometimes, you don’t get what you want – you get what you need. And what i needed was to remember my place. What i needed was to give Him what He needed to take from me. And so give i did.

My ass was bright red in the bathroom mirror when He was done with me, and when i told Him this, His response was “About time.” And as i sit down today on a slightly sore bottom, and as i hack and cough, wishing He was here to sex my cough away, i am reminded of so many wonderful things, and how lucky i am to be His.


  1. You may have stumbled upon the most delightful way to rid oneself of a cough (at least temporarily)!

    Sounds like the weekend was more than delightful, I’m very happy for you about that…but very sad it had to be with a nasty cold.

  2. lyn,

    oh how i wish to have my Master do those things to me! Maybe someday we will be face to face. šŸ™‚

  3. i will DEFINITELY remember this the next time i feel a cold coming on….i have always told my Owner that He has been my best medicine…i had NO idea that i could save my co-pay dollars and just serve Him.

    What a wonderful weekend…despite the cold…and hope You are feeling better!


  4. Sorry that you had to endure the ickiness of a cold, but sounds like you found the best medicine!

    Oh, and I love that first balls deep slide. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

  5. I’ve been following your blog for several months now..and I think it’s great that you keep a diary like this to document the trials, tribulations and joys of being in an long distance D/s relationship. You are very inspiring! I would love to talk with you about perhaps interviewing you and your Master sometime…I do a weekly radio show that centers on kink, BDSM, relationships, etc. I apologize for putting this as an inquiry in here, but I couldn’t locate an email address for you. Please contact me at your convienience to discuss, if you and He think this could be something worth exploring. Thanks and keep up the great writing!

  6. (:

  7. Thanks all, for the comments. i LOVE comments, so i always appreciate them so much.

    Unfortunately, i’m still not well – clearly more sex was required. i got briefly better midweek, but then caught something else. And even worse, my Master caught what i had, and now He’s sick in bed with a cough and a fever. i feel so guilty!

    Miz Ava, i’m very honored that you would ask! i don’t think it’s something i’d be allowed to do, but my email address is longdistancesub at gmail dot com if you want to email me with some more details, and i can forward them on to my Master.

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